Sunday, March 4, 2012

If you owned a business would you rather inform all your customers that you accidently rewarded them too much so your taking it back or just build some positive brand equity with them and come out looking like your a stand up company???

For me the deciding factor would have to be exactly how much monetary value was actually being credited whether it be cash, points for gift certificates, prize raffles or gift cards along with exactly how many customers were credited too much in the first place.

I bring all of this up because this situation occured to me, I haden't even noticed that my account had been credited with an extra 0 to my reward after I completed a survey. Instad of being 110 it was 1100. I checked out what the value of points would be in relation to gift certificates and it's about $2.50 that MYVIEW had incorrectly paid their "employees". By employees I mean unemployed, bored, retired, possibly desperate, broke, or sometimes its just someone who has extra time on their hands and are on the computer basically all day anyways, ppl like me who were answering their surveys online.

Now, I have no idea how many participants/employees they have filling out surveys in total or how many of those said employees actually fillled out THIS survey so obviously I have no idea whether they would have sustained a loss of $10 million or $100 but if I had to guess I think it'd be a pretty safe bet to say that it's somewhere in the middle. I myself think its probably on the lower end and would have thought the users they alienated would outweigh those losses but they took the opposite stance.

Although I received an apologetic letter it certainty didn't make up for My View's policy of "Indian Giving" to take a term from my childhood.  Even if they did something along the lines of give 220 points instead of the 110/1100 then that would have shown they understand THEY made a mistake and still want their users to feel appreciated but to just take back 990 points with an "i'm sorry" does not cut it. If the grocery store had given me change for $10 instead of $1 would they email me and ask to come in because they are taking my money back???


Online Survey Questionnaires/Inbox Dollars

It's a bad time for the economy in the U.S. and many other countries across the world. The unemployment rate has skyrocketed to an all-time high more then once and fluctuated yet remained far too high for anyone to pretend it's a situation that can be ignored. It's bound to be a huge speaking point at the coming presidential elections where we will see potential canidiates throw jabs and fancy rhetoric back and forth but when it comes down to it nothing will change dramatically enough for it to make a noticeable difference. All of this contributes to the reasoning behind people around the world(myself included) have spent much more time then we ever thought we would answering "opinion surveys", joining research panels and opening "paid emails"

I have found that the majority of the offers are not even close to being an equal trade off  between time+energy put into answering and the reward of cash, points, gift certificate offers, coupons etc. Well over 50% of them are straight up scams that take you in a seemingly continuous loop of surveys and questions until you finally give up and haven't "qualified" for your reward yet 15 different "reputable" businesses now have your ok to spam your inbox(even though they all say they have a very strict policy against it), call your cell phone from 8am-8pm and believe me they will use every damn minute of that window, i get a call at 8 on the dot daily, and even TEXT MESSAGE YOUR PHONE(even though it incurs charges to you, whatever, not their problem, you shouldn't have checked the box then!

One of the two sites that I have found to be worthwhile at this point in my attempting to test the insanely large group of these assholes is INBOX DOLLARS. They send "paid emails each day which you just click on and then hit confirm and you receive anywhere from .01cents up to .15 cents I believe for "reading" it. But honestly, no one actually reads them, just open, confirm and decide if its an offer, survey, website that interests you and if not close it and walk away with your penny.....this is something that many of these sites offer as an incentive to participate and you'd think we'll the pennies will add up.....they really don't, at least not faster then it takes your kid to be born and then graduate college.

Another thing that is offered is to download the inbox dollars toolbar. It's actually not too bad all things considered and you just use the search as you normally would and earn 5 cents for your first 5 qualified searches daily. As far as what a "qualified search" is, I got the gist that you basically can't log on and search for Boston Red Sox......5 times.....each day....of each month....for the year. That's not searching as you normally would obviously, and if you get caught trying to abuse the system by gaming it one way or another with things like fake information, racing through the surveys and giving careless answers etc they will close your account and take all those hours and hours worth of pennies and dollars you earned so far and you won't even get that first check.

The payment threshold for each site is different and that is the one place I think Inbox Dollars lacks, minimum to make withdrawal is $50.....THAT'S A LOT OF STUPID SURVEYS TO GO TO A BAR WITH YOUR WIFE FOR 2 HOURS!(and that probably won't even cover the damn tip either)

Well, let me know what you think if you decide to try it out, i'll continue to give my opinions on good ones and bad ones as I go.

Link to sign up for Inbox Dollars account