Friday, November 18, 2011

Small World Pre-school+ Child

52 Sugarloaf Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373-1144
(413) 665-4501

Fantastic preschool! All of the staff is so helpful and they are all amazing with the kids. When a friend of ours went to visit to look into sending their daughter they staying for an hour watching different groups and didn't even go home to talk first, wrote a check to hold their spot that moment. Seems to really be a caring place from the kids, teachers, owner and parents. They have different events like a hike one sunday with a picnic for all the fathers and the kids to spend time together, and the teachers volunteer their time. How great is that? You don't see that very often. Overall just a 5 star place and I'd recommend absolutely sending your children if you live within a reasonable distance. One parent drives almost a half hour just to bring her child because she's so happy there.

Frontier Regional High School- South Deerfield, MA

Frontier Regional- is a known "sports" school throughout the area and continually sends 

team after team season after season sport after sport year after year into the playoffs and 

beyond. The towns that feed into Frontier are Conway, Whately, Sunderland, and Deerfield which 

are mainly rural wide open farming areas and the student population reflects that. It's a public 

school and several buildings have recently been remade from the poor condition to basically 

brand new still. 


Gym is nice and can fill to capacity for a home basketball game and atmosphere 

is great. Boys+Girls teams are both top notch at basketball, soccer, football, cross-country, 

volleyball, and baseball. Teaching was about average for the area with trivial authority figures 

making hypocritical decisions, displaying favortism for some depending on who they were, what 

they played, ect ect. Same in a lot of small towns in the area but compared with other schools 

elsewhere would rank below average in that category.

Police Departments- Local Western Mass Towns

Deerfield Police Department: For years the Deerfield police department was a solid group of veteran policemen that all lived locally and had built longterm relationships with the community as a whole earning them respect with almost everyone. They had a job to do but balanced the need of having a positive re-pore. Knowing when to give a simple warning on the first nice day of spring rather then a speeding ticket can go a long way in a small town. In a place like this where news spreads like wildfire the poor treatment of citizens won't be kept quiet and won't be tolerated. By poor treatment I don't mean a needless speeding ticket either though, it's obnoxious but not something to stage a protest about.

The department has now shifted to bringing in a younger generation of officers by sending local applicants to the academy and then hiring them afterwards. Out of the total of 6 or 7 full time police officers working in the town 3/4 are from the "old guard" and I went to school with at least 3 of them. 1 a year below me, 1 in my class and 1 a year or 2 years ahead of me. This is the kind of hire that could really help the community by having officers that can relate and easily communicate with the citizens along with working knowledge of possible trouble areas and overall knowledge of roads and landmarks.

However, they happened to choose guys who don't exactly scream "Thank you for being a citizen in this town, we are here to serve and protect you and if there is anything you need were always here" More of the kind of guys that wear sunglasses indoors in the summer, hand out tickets to people like there is an expiration date on each one and one has set the record for most tickets/overall money brought into the town by those tickets in a month+quarter. That's quite the accomplishment for someone that has only been working there a couple years and there has been a department for a little while longer I think, haha.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Alina's Ristorante....South Deerfield, MA

Alina's Ristorante 
6 Elm Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373-1006
(413) 397-2190
Google Earth Street View

Alina's is a small quaint ristorante but I get the feeling that they consider themselves a 5 star eatery with elegant surroundings which is a little overly gracious if not downright laughable. Location isn't very good in the center of town with parking on main street with a used tv repair place, laundramat, and a bar with patrons smoking outside on the sidewalk. All of the above are nothing I would even think of when going out to grab a bite however the way Alina's portrays their establishment I wouldn't imagine passing through a crowd of drunk teenagers, and then 2 local farmers arguing over who is most sober to drive home. 

Then since they have limited hours of operation i've stopped in because I just got the urge to have a nice meal forgetting they were not open and could only imagine how I would feel if I just drove from Northampton, Greenfield or further like Holyoke, Springfield, East Longmeadow ect which is the type of clientele they seem to direct marketing at. Then to add a little difficulty to the obstacle course if you can get there when their open, you have the money to pay 50%-75% more then what typically the food should cost and maybe even more when you factor in that it's SOUTH DEERFIELD, don't mind the Russian Roulette Waiter game where your either going to find someone you'd be happy to introduce your single children to or someone that you can't figure out why an upscale restaurante would be hiring people whose personality is so bland white walls in the bedroom seem really exciting when you get home well that's the problem though.... 

The wine selection is one of the best parts of Alina's. They really seem to know which wine's/types go well with each food. Back to the problem though, remember how I said you can park right on main street out front of Alina's? Well, so can the police. They typically watch the bar that's a feet down the street and then the other bar called the Hotel Warren which is on the other side. But watch your wine because the DPD doesn't mess around with "warnings" Have that 3rd glass with a glass of water and a little food in between or the young guns trying to make up for all that high school abuse will show you who's the boss now!