Friday, May 11, 2012

Applebee's Neighborhood Bar and Grill-Hadley, MA

This was one of the worst applebees I have ever been to in regards to service. It's located relatively close to where I lived and I ate and drank there upwards of 25-30 times in the last 3-4 years. If it was not for the fact that Applebees has a couple meals that I really enjoy I would have dined elsewhere. The service is extremely slow and on Umass game nights (which is one of the local colleges, and there are 5 total within about 2 miles) it is not even worth trying to go....usually the wait on those nights is 30-45 minutes and i've waited over an hour but what makes it even worse is having to listen to drunk kids conversations about where they got drunk, with who, where they are going to get more drunk, with who, and who they slept with the night before/ who they are planning to "smash", "bang", "hammer" "pound", "screw", "nail", tonight. The food is great and the drinks are decent but overpriced. They use a machine for some drinks so they don't give away any extra drops of alcohol(GOD FORBID A CUSTOMER GET FREE DROPS....THE HORROR!!!). and for drinks like a white russian they measure exactly 1 shot with a shot glass instead of just pouring it in the cup like a bar would do normally. If you have the choice you'll def want to avoid Applebee's in Hadley but not Applebee's overall, they usually are a great establishment other then the bullshit about measuring the exact alcohol so not to give away a drop or 2 extra.

100 Westgate Center Drive
Hadley, MA 01035
(413) 253-5799

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

TCL 40" HIgh Def LCD Television

I was hesitant to buy this tv at first because obviously the brand isnt well known in the US but after reading many of the reviews and comparing specs and prices I felt it was worth the risk to take a chance because of Amazon's return policy and customer service. First, from opening up the package to sitting on my couch and hitting the power button was literally under 5 minutes, very simple set up and easy menus. I thought the picture was pretty average with normal channels so I was somewhat dissapointed but once I started watching some of the HD channels I have I was pleasantly surprised. It was a much different picture then on the basic channels and after tweaking some of the picture basics to my personal preferance I am pretty happy with how everything turned out. You can't beat this price, I paid under $400 and free shipping and got my tv 5 days from when I hit the confirm order button. I was kept up to date on when I would be getting the delivery but and this is a pretty big but....I knew I would be getting the tv sometime today so I planned on staying around my house most of the afternoon. I ran out to the store and came home to my 40 inch tv sitting outside my apartment door in plain view. I dont live in the city or anything so its not like it would be grabbed up 10 minutes after it was left but I wouldn't feel comfortable having it sit outside for an extended period of time. I knew it was coming today so I wasnt gone long as I said but just be aware of this if your going to get something expensive and have free shipping. All in all im very happy with the purchase and once again will continue to do all my shopping for big ticket items at amazon.

The second television pictured is the newer model.

Android Tablet Case with

After getting the Toshiba Thrive for my birthday(GREAT present by the way) after the happiness/and the cool "i own my own tablet" feeling wear off you realize just how much of a pain in the $#% it is to use the touchscreen to actually type....since the days of the hand-held palm pilot I had and others along the way manufactures have came A LONG LONG LONG WAY but still, there is nothing like just having a keyboard that we are all accustomed to. After searching and comparing the different features and prices I ended up giving this one a try and figured that it's priced at such a great deal if I end up unsatisfied I can always just return it. I always seem to be weary of products at that have such huge discounts but NOT ONCE have I been dissapointed so far once receiving the actual product. Once again I was pleasantly surprised and found a steal!!! Not only did I pay barely over $15 but it was in my hands within a few days, shipped safely and packed tight and even though I was buying this item for the keyboard specifically, the case was a great bonus that I found to be really helpful. It's obvious that this isn't some $300 fine italian leather case and keyboard but at this pricepoint it's worth double and I wouldn't blink at paying that the next time. I made my purchase through a company called USSO but it looks like it's selling for EVEN CHEAPER NOW, at $11 it's def a buy worth checking out!

This product does require that your tablet has a full usb can not just have a slave or it is not compatible.

NEW Golden China Restaurant- South Deerfield MA

I would have rated it a 4 overall except I gave it a bonus star for the new ownership(not really new anymore since its been a few years, but it's necessary to mention because under the old owners it was a disaster. Everything from multiple health code violations, poor serivce, expensive everything and I personally caught being overcharged twice. (and i'm not talking about 10 cents where someone couldn't carry the 0 and some rude customer gives the place a bad reputation, both times were over $5! As far as i'm concerned 1 time can be your honest mistake...two times and it's my mistake for giving you another chance and coming back!

Google Maps Link to New Golden China Address

Anyways, the women that owns restaurant puts in nearly 100 hours every week and if you happen to find a time she's not there(EVEN WHEN THEY ARE CLOSED SHE COMES OVER WITH HER FAMILY AND THEY CLEAN AND DO INVENTORY ETC ALL TOGETHER) That's just one example of why I think they deserve support. We all should support our local businesses but when you have a place like this that supports the local schools, sports programs and anyone else that has a fundraiser and happens to ask letting people know about the quality customer service is the least I can do. Go check it out if your in the area driving up highway 91 north. AND THAT MEANS ALL OF YOU GUYS THAT TAKE THE TRIP TO SEE YANKEE CANDLE need to save $20(spend $480 instead of $500 at Yankee) and go have yourself a nice quiet meal in town, you'll enjoy it.

Google Maps Link to Directions of Yankee Candle to New Golden China

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Hover Zoom extension/app

Hover zoom Google Project Homepage
Creator Romain Vallet's Google Plus Page

Hover Zoom is a Google Chrome extension which displays full size images when the mouse cursor is moved over their thumbnail.

Depending on what you use your computer for to entertain yourself with the HOVER ZOOM extension is quite useful.  The options include delay time between doing the actual "zooming" so everything you move the cursor over doesn't zoom. This is actually in the advanced features. If you choose to use "white-list mode" then the Hover Zoom is disabled except for on the sites you add to your list.  Other options include show captions, show zoomed pictures while loading and show icon in address bar. High Resolution zooming is also available when possible but they take more time to load which is something you are alerted to before checking the box.

Overall I think this is a great program and it has nearly no bugs from what I can tell. Obviously, there can be some but in the 6 months+ that I have been using it.  I'm using google chrome and windows 7 x64. Mostly it's been a help when doing something like making changes to my circles for instance in google plus. It seems like google is making everything smaller on just my computer and therefor I needed a little "boost" of "assistance" to see the people. I gotta make sure i'm not doing anything crazy like "accidentally" putting my older relatives such as my nana in a special category so as not to send her say a post on a mass murderer killing grandmothers in Massachusetts, or the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue. 

Anyways, give it a try and be sure to let me know what you think of the evaluation and the program itself here and on their page in the web store....they deserve the TheReviewTheyDon'tWantYouToSee BUMP, if you know what I mean!