Grading System used by Joshua

  • 100 point scale 1-100
  • Using personal preferences while maintaining objectivity regardless of brand, seller of origin to give honest, trustworthy and intelligent feedback helping fellow consumers make purchasing, using, finding, decisions 
  • Feedback all comes directly from personal experience and is not available for sale or other possible financial gain
  • All reader feedback is appreciated and replied to. I typically post replies at least once per day. 
  • Anyone with a shopping, eating, watching, reading, etc experience they would like to share is welcome to post whether sharing my opinion or differing. 
  • All comments are posted and I DO NOT DELETE ANY DIFFERING OPINION as long as there is nothing extremely inappropriate.  I have NEVER, NOT EVEN 1 TIME, HAD TO DELETE A COMMENT AND I DON'T PLAN ON HAVING TO.
  • Any requests for my opinion are both welcome and appreciated. If i'm familiar with the product/place/etc or am able to gain access within reason i'll be happy to post a review.
  • Only places not possible are + due to my ownership and obvious conflict of interest. However, I CAN SAY THAT EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON MASSAUTHENTICS IS AWSOME AND YOU DEF SHOULD CHECK IT OUT!

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