Friday, July 13, 2012

G+ME Webpage

G+ME Webpage Link

Wow. That about describes it right there. This is the first extension that I have looked over reviews in the chrome web store for and have not found 1 negative. Obviously I didn't look at all 31,942 comments or whatever but I read 15-20 all randomly picked, tried skipping a few pages even, STILL JUST GOOD. Weird. Then the bad came. Not the creator's fault necessarily because google's updates cause codes to be broken and therefor extensions not to work. 

The Review Grade 89/100(originally)
93/100(after upgrade if I can really get these changes up and working it sounds incredible)

The caveat. The single vexing, frustrating, annoying problem and I don't even know if it's a working extension as of this moment. It has compatibility issues with other extensions so depending on your settings, extensions, etc there are different ways to try and get things working. I'm still in the process of getting up and running again but once the car is out of the garage, it's like coasting down the California highway in your brand new white Cadillac  with that baseball glove color interior, loving life.

PageRank Status Extension for Google Chrome

Really great extension. Everything is pretty straightforward and easy to use and the best runs flawlessly with the exception of a few sites alexa hasn't included.

Very simple and self explanatory. Click on the little extension icon which looks like a bar from a bar graph and you get a drop down of the site your visiting in regards to their Google page-rank, Alexa page-rank and Geo-Location(which includes IP address, country and city if available). That is all on the top half. Below, you can choose from options of site information from varying sites and services such as Google Trends, Bing Indexed Pages, Google +1's etc. Incredibly interesting regardless of whether you actually need the information but for those who own sites and depend on traffic, keywords, placement and such should add this ASAP and make your life A HELL OF A LOT EASIER. At least in the part where you now can save yourself the time of going to each of the sites individually.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Survey Survey Review

This shit is REALLY REALLY starting to get on my nerves. No, that's not true. It's already on my nerves and it's "starting" to get to the i'm going to waste 20 minutes out of my life emailing "customer service" and explaining exactly how unjust, unethical, wrong, and just plain fucking irritating what they are doing is knowing damn well whomever happens to open it will either A. spit out his subway grinder laughing by the end of the first paragraph and call in a few buddies to check this one out or B. Will end up deleted and no one will have so much as an afterthought as to who "employee" 375b294a  is, thinks, wants, QUITS!

How ironic that I actually just now had another survey from an entirely different company, about different things, paying different amounts, etc just did the EXACT same thing to me. Well, CONGRATS WWW.SURVEYHEAD.COM YOU SUCCESSFULLY MADE IT INTO THE REALM OF THE CUSTOMER REVIEW WORLD. HOPEFULLY YOU ADHERE TO THE EDICT OF ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY. I will say this caveat though in Survey Head's defense: As far as I can recall it has not been a constant, reoccurring, ALMOST DAILY problem like in the case of Survey Spot.

I bet your just dying to find out what my issue is. No it's not the fact that i'm getting paid .50 cents to answer a survey that is "estimated" to be about 20 minutes(yeah, that's $1.50 per hour. I'm NOT EXAGGERATING) Im not even complaining(at least not right now) about how wrong it is to agree to answer that 20 minute survey for .50 and in reality spend 35-40 minutes answering honestly and thoughtfully like I was asked to do. I'm mad because after spending that 35 minutes that was supposed to be 20 not only do they have a automated prompt pop up that alerts you that you will not be collecting your funds but it states a list of 4 reasons which "MAY" have contributed to this decision.

1. Inattentive behavior such as speeding through a survey.
2. Your IP address is showing as a different country then you currently listed in your profile.
3. Someone in your household has already taken this survey.
4. I'm not positive.

Survey Support Center Link
Survey About us Main Page Link

Ok, so now your telling me, AFTER I spend an exorbitant amount of time helping YOU make a better product that your customers like and therefor BUY, THEN you tell me that you DECIDED ACTUALLY, NOPE, NOT GOING TO PAY YOU, BUT THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND INFORMATION, WE'LL BE USING THAT TO GET YOU TO BUY FROM US AND OUR PARTNERS IN THE FUTURE. GOODBYE.


Yankee Candle Good Air Odor Eliminating Trial Size Candles

If you want bang for your buck(literally in this case, sorry I had to throw that in) these little "trial size" candles are AMAZING!  They burn for hours evenly, only cost .99 cents and are "fresh" scented, called JUST PLAIN CLEAN. I purchased an entire BOX of 18 of these bad boys and let me tell you, i'm going to be making sure I get more before these are gone!

One big plus for me is even though they are just the "plain" scent they still smell great. They actually HAVE A SMELL, unlike many of those imitation ones that try and get away with just giving u some wax candle and calling it "fresh" and its like it's not even there. Love the light blue color which is a nice little bonus too. Anything that comes in something near "Carolina Blue" must be pretty darn good right?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Klout Perks Red Bulletin Magazine(from RED BULL) REVIEW

Klout Red Bulletin Perk Link

Let me tell you, this one REALLY surprised me. I'm a huge fan of reading. I read things like ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, etc from cover to cover and that's just my bathroom material. I probably spend anywhere from 2 or 3 hours all the way up to sometimes upwards of 6-7 reading various espn articles and the various off-shoots like ESPN-Outside The Lines, 60 Minutes, and other news outlets. Anyways, my point being that I don't appreciate 147 pages of fluff. It's a great eye catcher when the scantily clad beautiful women is modeling a watch or something but it won't be my focus for very least not anymore at the ripe old age of 28. I had pegged this magazine as something the would last about as long as it takes me to walk to my front door from my mailbox, and let me tell you, i'm like a short, white, unassuming, quieter version of that Jamaican Runner, that Bolt guy that keeps losing lately, in the 75 feet from mailbox to door.

Free Red Bull "RED BULLETIN" magazine Iphone app link

Ok, now to be totally honest, (which unfortunately for some, I always am) I wouldn't go out and purchase a subscription to the magazine....but that's not exactly the kiss of death in my book either.  I originally HATED ESPN "The Magazine". I got one issue to read on the plane ride thinking it'd last at least half the flight from MA to FL(2.5 hours). It never even made it on the plane with me. If I hadn't already pissed off my father to the point I kept him in front of me at all times and did my best to stay in view of camera's and security then I would have walked my angry little self all the way back to the little magazine kiosk to get my money back!

The Red Bulletin is def something interesting to flip through and if you've got the chance to get the subscription as a perk from klout or wherever else that its available free, GO FOR IT. If your really into the action sports, the types of stuff you'd see at the X-Games, i'd even spend a few bucks to buy it. Overall, it's a great first edition, great start in the publishing industry and shows off some of the amazing talent they have signed at RED BULL and also the quality competitors they have competing at RED BULL events. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS!