Friday, July 13, 2012

G+ME Webpage

G+ME Webpage Link

Wow. That about describes it right there. This is the first extension that I have looked over reviews in the chrome web store for and have not found 1 negative. Obviously I didn't look at all 31,942 comments or whatever but I read 15-20 all randomly picked, tried skipping a few pages even, STILL JUST GOOD. Weird. Then the bad came. Not the creator's fault necessarily because google's updates cause codes to be broken and therefor extensions not to work. 

The Review Grade 89/100(originally)
93/100(after upgrade if I can really get these changes up and working it sounds incredible)

The caveat. The single vexing, frustrating, annoying problem and I don't even know if it's a working extension as of this moment. It has compatibility issues with other extensions so depending on your settings, extensions, etc there are different ways to try and get things working. I'm still in the process of getting up and running again but once the car is out of the garage, it's like coasting down the California highway in your brand new white Cadillac  with that baseball glove color interior, loving life.

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