Sunday, July 15, 2012

Safe House Movie Review

On the front cover of the DVD for Safe House it says "An adrenaline rush from start to finish" -Greg Katzman, may be the understatement of the decade. Aside from the opening scene that has young CIA agent, Matt Weston(Ryan Reynolds)  eating a parting lunch with his beautiful girlfriend which will unfortunately be the last happy moment they share together...and the last time that Matt Weston could be called anything but a Veteran CIA operative.

The movie looked like something that i'd def be interested in based on the story-line along with leading actor Denzel Washington playing a once again incredibly complex character and NAILS IT. I really think this is one of his best jobs. It's just amazing how Washington adapts from Drug Kingpin, CIA Rogue Operative, Bodyguard, Corrupt Police Officer, EX Soldier and more while seamlessly changing demeanor's as though a normal man would switch jackets.

Safe House has instantly moved into one of my All-Time movie favorites Top 10 list, possibly even Top 5. I'm going to have to sit down and see if I dare shift anything out of my top shelf. Suspenseful, gripping, fast moving, unpredictable, heart stopping are words i'd say fit perfectly. For now i'm going to say it will most likely be somewhere around 8 or 9 for me but I reserve judgement until it settles in.

Joshua's 10 star movie grading gives Safe House a more then solid 8.5



  1. Sorry I can't help it, it really is just THAT good. I finished watching it 3 minutes before I started this post, it couldn't even wait till morning.

  2. I love every movie Denzel has put out the past five years! My favorite is “The Book of Eli.” I’ve wanted to see “Safe House,” and overheard a co-worker at Dish talk about this movie. I decided to add this movie to my blockbuster @home DVD list. I will pick this movie up tonight from the store instead of waiting for it in the mail. If I like this I may eventually buy it for my DVD collection.