Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ye Ol' Watering Hole-Northampton, MA

Ye ol' Watering Hole (and Beer Can Museum)
 287 Pleasant Street,
 Northampton, MA 01060

Good local bar and one of the only places in northampton that isn't half filled with stuckup assholes. Been a few times, sometimes it's pretty busy for free pool and can get pretty crowded but bartenders were great, kept everything cool and have only seen them cut someone off once and if it was me I wouldn't have even let him finish his drink. Prices are below average for noho/amherst area but more then some dives in the area. When you see how much you'd pay to play pool for an hour at Packards though, you'll happily pay the drink prices and hopefully tip generously since you saved $15 every hour plus the difference in drink prices. If your driving through MA on 91 or 5+10 def a place to think about stopping by.


Ye ol' watering hole on Google Maps link

Monday, January 23, 2012

Georgio's Restaurant- South Deerfield, MA

4 Sugarloaf St, South Deerfield, MA
(413) 665-3300 

GEORGIO'S NO LONGER EXISTS! BUILDING WAS SOLD TO A DIFFERENT OWNER WHO NOW IS RUNNING PRIMO'S HOWEVER, I'LL COMMENT ABOUT GEORGIO'S A LITTLE. Georgio's had literally the worst pizza and service I have EVER had at a place that attempted to pretend to be "nice" 2 of the first 3 times I ordered the foreign waitress they had answering the phone got my order wrong, and there was a bartender that was an english speaking american standing next to the phone as well. That is one of my biggest annoyances

Whately Inn- Whately Massachusetts

Whately Inn 
193 Chestnut Plain Road, Whately, MA 01093
(413) 665-3044

This is def one of the best restaurant's i've EVER been to in my life! The amount of food you get is absoltely LEGENDARY, You are going home with a day's worth of leftovers unless your Vince Wilfork, I LOVE YOU VINCE AND HELL OF A GAME LAST NIGHT, but your a large large man, and i'm positive you can eat! It's a 5 course meal. I'm very very picky about what I eat because I don't like many fruits or vegtables and even I found something to eat. I've never stayed at the hotel but I've been upstairs for my mothers wedding and it was perfect, very quaint and romantic. Not HUGE but perfect for what we needed. I hear the experience of staying for the night is beautiful and judging by everything else I'm sure it is.
Liked: Atmosphere, Food, Service

Jerry's Place- South Deerfield, MA

Would be a 5 star but had to take one off for their limited hours of operation. I called to make sure I remembered correctly and they close early afternoon at 3 pm. The owner, "Jerry" still work the grill and is as talkative as ever. It def has that small town feel, as the "regulars" are there daily and come in a few groups at various times throughout the early morning and the day. Whether it's a cup of coffee, bacon+eggs or a grilled cheese if your passing through town and you stay at the Red Roof Inn, make the short mile trip to Jerry's Place. The food is great and service is as well.


joshua hastings |

I wasn't referred by a friend to the mirrorme site, I didn't hear about it from anyone either, I just stumbled upon it when I was searching for something else and i'm glad I did. I was really confused at first because there was not much of an explanation at that point, even now they are still in beta. However, they are doing a great job of expanding the list of users daily so that more and more people are able to get an accurate view of their true "REFLECTION".

You are probably wondering what a reflection is right? Your reflection is a list of the different things you write about in your social networks with all of the words varying in size dependent on their perceived importance to you.

When you get to the page, sign in using your twitter id and if this is your first time visiting it will take less then 5 minutes usually for your "reflection" to be compiled. Go ahead and go back to what you were doing for a little bit and then when you go back and refresh the page you should see what they came up with. Once your able to see your reflection your able to adjust your topics size 1 by 1 to show their true importance to you if you think the formula got it a little wrong, or even delete a topic off completely.

Google+ is the other social network that your able to sign in with at this time. As I stated earlier, while they are still in beta and adjusting things to users preferance and trying to get it just right not everyone has been added yet. So say you sign in with google, it may say you have 924 friends and you actually have 4,000 in your circles, DON'T FREAK OUT, eventually you'll see a change. When I signed up it said I have around 300 friends and a week later it changed to now somewhere around 3,500 and i'm actually at about 5,500.

What i've talked about so far is just the beginning though. Check out the different labs available to some and have some fun. You can see your different groupings of who else has your same interests, look at pie charts to see how your followers break down or how who you follow breaks down, it's some pretty cool stuff and everything is free for now for everyone. I'm sure that will change eventually but while I don't think i'd pay no matter how low the price is over maybeeee $1 because I don't really NEED it, I think a lot of the options would be useful to certain types of people and businesses. I've had great interactions with the staff so far, and think they are one of the best companies i've dealt with on a personal level.


UPDATE:After reading the comment below from Jenn (from I stand corrected in regards to changes coming in the future to a cost format, she stated they don't plan to use anything currently available to be changed to a available for a fee type which makes the site posssibilites in the future that much better. The best kind of product? THE FREE KIND OF COURSE.  Just want to note, from my post of a review it only took a few short hours before I noticed the comment. That just shows me yet again how onpoint they are with their users. Positive or Negative i've seen firsthand just how quickly everything is handled and it really is impressive, Keep UP THE GREAT WORK JENN AND EVERYONE ELSE AT MIRROR.ME.

McDonalds-Easthampton, MA

By now we've all heard, seen or thrown-up at the You-Tube video that an Ex-McDonalds employee showing the disgusting, horrible, awful, vile conditions. It seemed like everywhere a customer was not able to see had another surprise, like it was just someone playing a trick on someone....ohhhh if only it were that simple and we were that lucky.

I have never eaten at the McDonalds in the video and I wouldn't eat in that dump if you paid me, and obviously it's going to reflect poorly on the franchise as a whole. I'm going to rate the store as if the video never happened because otherwise I would be giving every single place a 1 star based on the probability of similar conditions. So, let's pretend that was an isolated incident and everything we can't see is beautifully cleaned and it's just so damn clean we could eat off the floor with a fork, or at least eat some frys without finding mouse dropping scattered throughout.

Nosrac1121 ‎ - Jan 22, 2012
Overall there was nothing terrible but i' m the type of person that values morals+ honesty very much and simpily believe it's the right thing to do to treat any other person the way you want to be treated. Saying that, I did have a bad experience at this particular drive through, again, it wasn't anything huge but still I felt pretty disappointed that Mcdonalds even made it possible to happen. Basically at this time period they had a special on the 20 piece chicken McNuggets meal and it was cheaper to get that entire meal then it was to get a 10 piece nuggets alone. NOT THE NUGGET MEAL THAT WAS 10 PIECE, JUST THE 10 NUGGETS WERE MORE EXPENSIVE then the 20 AND a drink AND fry's. I noticed after I ordered as I was pulling up to the window to pay and asked the girl if there was a mistake on the prices or a mixup between those 2.Her response of a simple no why left me wondering just how many people per day pay an extra $1 to get less then half as much food and maybe more if they go and buy a drink they should have for free. As I said earlier, not anything HUGE, did they do anything illegal absolutely not, but if that was me I'd make a suggestion and ask if they wanted to exchange, it's the right thing to do. If she was specifically told not to tell ppl by management then i'd understand more but then the least she could have done was apologize. I can say with nearly 100% certainty that the girl at the drive-through window was not the person that thinks up their selling practices and store procedures, it's not her fault but still, maybe i'm old fashioned but I just hope for more out of everyone