Monday, January 23, 2012

Whately Inn- Whately Massachusetts

Whately Inn 
193 Chestnut Plain Road, Whately, MA 01093
(413) 665-3044

This is def one of the best restaurant's i've EVER been to in my life! The amount of food you get is absoltely LEGENDARY, You are going home with a day's worth of leftovers unless your Vince Wilfork, I LOVE YOU VINCE AND HELL OF A GAME LAST NIGHT, but your a large large man, and i'm positive you can eat! It's a 5 course meal. I'm very very picky about what I eat because I don't like many fruits or vegtables and even I found something to eat. I've never stayed at the hotel but I've been upstairs for my mothers wedding and it was perfect, very quaint and romantic. Not HUGE but perfect for what we needed. I hear the experience of staying for the night is beautiful and judging by everything else I'm sure it is.
Liked: Atmosphere, Food, Service

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  1. You can't be serious. Here's how I feel about the place: Tonight was the third time in five years we have had dinner here. We keep hoping the quality of the food will improve, but, if anything, it has declined.
    Chicken liver pate - sweet taste, edible, but barely. Not a hint of chicken liver taste at all - a blind tasting would have resulted in total confusion. Thank God for the onions and lemon slice.
    French onion soup - way too much gluey cheese, bitter flavor, mushy rye bread slices (why?), poor quality commercial beef base taste.
    Salad - edible, predictable, served in a too-small shallow bowl.
    Prime rib - ordered medium rare, received rare and barely warm. 'Au jus' was, again, made with nasty commercial beef base. A good restaurant has the class and knowledge to make their own veal stock. It's SO easy.
    Broccoli (vegetable 'du jour') - barely recognizable; literally grayish green and mushy. NOBODY cooks broccoli that way anymore.
    Dessert - obviously frozen and thawed pecan pie with gluey binder.
    Nice wine - Peter Lehman's red blend. It saved the night.
    Rolls are good, and the complementary pickled vegetables were probably the high point. Service was very good. So what?
    We will never, ever go back.