Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ye Ol' Watering Hole-Northampton, MA

Ye ol' Watering Hole (and Beer Can Museum)
 287 Pleasant Street,
 Northampton, MA 01060

Good local bar and one of the only places in northampton that isn't half filled with stuckup assholes. Been a few times, sometimes it's pretty busy for free pool and can get pretty crowded but bartenders were great, kept everything cool and have only seen them cut someone off once and if it was me I wouldn't have even let him finish his drink. Prices are below average for noho/amherst area but more then some dives in the area. When you see how much you'd pay to play pool for an hour at Packards though, you'll happily pay the drink prices and hopefully tip generously since you saved $15 every hour plus the difference in drink prices. If your driving through MA on 91 or 5+10 def a place to think about stopping by.


Ye ol' watering hole on Google Maps link

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