Monday, January 23, 2012

McDonalds-Easthampton, MA

By now we've all heard, seen or thrown-up at the You-Tube video that an Ex-McDonalds employee showing the disgusting, horrible, awful, vile conditions. It seemed like everywhere a customer was not able to see had another surprise, like it was just someone playing a trick on someone....ohhhh if only it were that simple and we were that lucky.

I have never eaten at the McDonalds in the video and I wouldn't eat in that dump if you paid me, and obviously it's going to reflect poorly on the franchise as a whole. I'm going to rate the store as if the video never happened because otherwise I would be giving every single place a 1 star based on the probability of similar conditions. So, let's pretend that was an isolated incident and everything we can't see is beautifully cleaned and it's just so damn clean we could eat off the floor with a fork, or at least eat some frys without finding mouse dropping scattered throughout.

Nosrac1121 ‎ - Jan 22, 2012
Overall there was nothing terrible but i' m the type of person that values morals+ honesty very much and simpily believe it's the right thing to do to treat any other person the way you want to be treated. Saying that, I did have a bad experience at this particular drive through, again, it wasn't anything huge but still I felt pretty disappointed that Mcdonalds even made it possible to happen. Basically at this time period they had a special on the 20 piece chicken McNuggets meal and it was cheaper to get that entire meal then it was to get a 10 piece nuggets alone. NOT THE NUGGET MEAL THAT WAS 10 PIECE, JUST THE 10 NUGGETS WERE MORE EXPENSIVE then the 20 AND a drink AND fry's. I noticed after I ordered as I was pulling up to the window to pay and asked the girl if there was a mistake on the prices or a mixup between those 2.Her response of a simple no why left me wondering just how many people per day pay an extra $1 to get less then half as much food and maybe more if they go and buy a drink they should have for free. As I said earlier, not anything HUGE, did they do anything illegal absolutely not, but if that was me I'd make a suggestion and ask if they wanted to exchange, it's the right thing to do. If she was specifically told not to tell ppl by management then i'd understand more but then the least she could have done was apologize. I can say with nearly 100% certainty that the girl at the drive-through window was not the person that thinks up their selling practices and store procedures, it's not her fault but still, maybe i'm old fashioned but I just hope for more out of everyone

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