Friday, June 29, 2012 Website Review

My first thought when I stumbled across a “friends”(I use that term lightly since the inception of Facebook after seeing ppl with friends hitting 6-7 digits.) CAUSES PAGE was a mix of amazement and skepticism. After digging a little deeper through the about page, how it works, and seemingly endless possibilities and uses I'm left with the same thoughts.

I find that fact incredibly sad. What an amazingly great, wonderful, creative idea. Sometimes I really just sit back in amazement at the sheer numbers of talented, ambitious, hard-working.....and the list of superlatives goes on and on and on to describe the ppl out there.

Now, how pitiful is it, that as quickly as my mind goes from there to worrying just how many evil ppl across the world are exploiting something so great, and turning into some shady story of loss all the while hiding a shameless grin behind a computer screen. Sitting in a posh hotel with friends, “creating” page after page, cause after cause, banking on the kindness of strangers. Just waiting for someone like myself who tries to find non-profits, charities, or a need that isn't publicized nationally, something that really means or says something to me at that moment.

As quickly as I make the decision to give the little that I'm able, they bang out 4 more “stories” each and before my money is even in their pocket, a few other good Samaritans hop online and so it continues....and endless loop of caring, research, giving, research, caring, research, just hoping that you made the right decision this time, that your part, went and actually did some bit of good to put a smile on someone's face, somewhere out there.....this time.

Now, Speaking about CAUSES.COM SPECIFICALLY; regardless of the possible dishonest, greedy, scumbaggish, loser, good-for-nothing assholes that can turn anything that involves money into something evil, CAUSES.COM has both great intentions and a great set-up which has been integrated with facebook to allow for “spreading the word” along with “liking” quickly and easily....if that's where you want to do your “spreading of the word”

It's my understanding that users are able to set up “causes” as anything from a well known charity to gather money and make a donation in honor of a loved one, local business in need, struggling, etc or even a friend or neighbor that has fallen on hard times. A broad spectrum of possibilities exist which is part of what really makes this such a great tool with seemingly endless possibilities and uses many different ppl, types of businesses, charities, non-profits, and organizations. 

If you just take the time to browse through one of the hundreds and thousands of categories you will see just how creative and unique users have become. The best part though, at least for me, is reading the stories and touching summaries some have written as to why giving to this particular organization is meaningful or important to them personally. Whether it's in honor of a loved one who fought through and overcame cancer, spreading the word about helping get funding for Alzheimer's research, continuing development of knowledge in regards to aids or supporting organizations helping our veterans reintegrate into society, find gainful employment, or even something as simple as getting housing located close enough to the soldiers home that they can get the care they need.

These are sometimes things that are forgotten because we just figure it's OBVIOUSLY TAKEN CARE OF, I MEAN, HOW COULD YOU LEAVE THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO ARE COMING BACK FROM SOMETIMES YEARS LIVING IN A WAR ZONE TO FIGURE ALL THIS OUT FOR THEMSELVES?? Well, guess what? It's not taken care of. There are services that help, but there isn't someone waiting at the airport with a list of all the services they will need and new cell phone with minutes and a taxi driver ready to start getting them situated. I know it may seem like I'm making light of it but this is just one example of thousands of charities out there that need funding, need volunteers, etc from everyone.

Obviously I got a little off topic of the website review at the end here but it's a message that is very important to me personally and it's something I think everyone, that means whether your rich and don't have a care in the world or getting assistance like food and housing from the state, needs to really think about every once in a while. Just because you don't have the extra income to give away $500 to buy some stupid brick at your sons school doesn't mean you can't do something meaningful in your own way. Pick one morning every month or every other month and spend a few hours helping give out food or collect food for your local shelter or food pantry. Take your kids with you if they are old enough, that's the kind of values and traits that can be instilled in your kids for the rest of their lives.

 Just imagine how it would feel 20 years from now when you read in the paper about a local school doing a food drive for the church and see your son is running it with your grand kids. It didn't cost you a penny but you probably helped 15-20 families that didn't know where they were going to be eating or if they were going to be eating when they woke up. Now that's something to smile about.

Spread the word, it's worth it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Toys for Tots.....Western Massachusetts Location

It's important to remember around the holidays, while we are picking out presents for our family, planning what to bring for the big dinner, making plans with relatives that live out of state that there are a lot of people out there that can't even get together with loved ones. 

No pile of cards to open from aunts, uncles, cousins and more stuffed with $20, $50, and $100's. No waking up to the living room so full of presents they have to open them from 6am to 1pm and take a break to try out the new 4 wheeler. Maybe just happy with finding the cookies and milk gone filled with the thought that Santa must've loved them because they got a jacket finally so they can play outside during recess. 

We all are finding ourselves in a tough spot sometimes but sometimes we should just sit and reflect on just how lucky we are; whether it's parents, siblings, grandparents or kids, spending holidays with family is the most important thing and there is ALWAYS someone out there suffering much more then we least more then anyone who has access to a computer and internet so they can read this....

just my thinking at least....

Klout Perk- Chloe and Isabel 35% off Jewelry

My Klout earned me 35% reward from Chloe and Isabel. 

Claim reward here: 

Pretty good idea and the perk gives a nice percent off depending on your Klout Score but it's just really tough times right now in today's economy to be charging that kind of money except for really special occasions. Usually those special occasions require a certain style though and this type of stuff doesn't match up for me. 

I don't think it's anything bad by any means and it seems like the quality is there as well which is extremely important when your going to start trying to gain recognition in an industry like jewelry. Especially if your going to ask for a higher end clientele shopper and want then to consider you comparable to others in the same price range.

 Let me know what you guys think, definitely shoot me a comment if you end up making the purchase and let me know what you like or don't like.