Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review of the Review Reviewed by Reviewer is Wrong but is it ever Right?

Firstly i'll quickly give you my take on the title, I bring the whole issue up because of the issue google experienced in the article I posted link to which talked about bloggers being hired to write posts about the google chrome and some linked back to the chrome download page which violates the terms of google's own agreement depending on your interpretation.  Back to why I felt the need to post my own little disclaimer......

Basically, in my opinion, as morally driven, honest, trustworthy, and someone who truly is a man of their word, in some way or another your going to be biased one way or another if your being monetarily compensated. The good ol quid pro quo. The backroom deals, simple handshake or the old fashioned "greasing of the palm". (that one has a different connotation nowadays so you probably want to skip using it if your talking to my generation. Whether your just omitting a bug that you noticed and only occurred that one time 2 months ago or your making a completely false statement when you review a product as excellent and go on to explain how great each aspect was, your not giving a fair assessment to your readers. When you have users that are spending their time by reading your blog post, newspaper article, magazine etc because they value your opinion, need advice, looking to make comparisons between 2 different brands or whatever. 

Coming from someone that writes a blog and hopes someday to even have half the viewership that many of other blogs you get initially directed to when you search keywords I find it disgusting and really question not only their moral integrity but it leaves me wondering where else they have no problem compromising their morals. 

My point in all of this is that I put a lot of effort into picking and choosing the topics and articles I write about for my blogs because I have a responsibility to my readers to give them the best of what I have. Now saying that, everyone shares differing opinions, that's what makes us who we are. Just because we don't agree on a topic doesn't mean that I don't want you reading or commenting anymore and I hope you don't want to stop reading or posting because we are on different sides of the fence on something. I want this to be a forum for anyone and everyone who is looking for an opinion or review of something. We all don't have to agree, the only rule that I ask everyone to follow is to all be respectful whether it's agreeing or disagreeing.

Lastly, and I want to make this 100% crystal clear.....I HAVE NOT, AM NOT AND WILL NOT EVER ACCEPT COMPENSATION FOR MY OPINION ONE WAY OR ANOTHER ON A PRODUCT, STORE, BRAND, WEBSITE OR WHATEVER ELSE. If someone would like me to review their new site they created i'm always more then happy to do that.....but be aware, you are going to get an honest accessment of your site and items, the sword cuts both ways. Feel free to ask my opinion off the record and i'll check it out and just email you back myself, I don't mind at all.