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I'll be trying several different applications from the Android Marketplace and also Google Chrome webstore as well to test usability for my needs. I will be giving you guys my opinions of what's good, bad, and just plain doesn't work. If I have interactions with developers such as after I leave feedback or if I report a bug, i'll be reporting on the tone of the conversation as well as the issues that are resolved quickly. 

I want ppl to know when a developer really cares and goes above and beyond for users. Those are the kind of guys that we all love to help out by giving their products a try and give them feedback so they can improve their apps, FOR US! No one wants to deal with some self-centered, egotistical, know it all who can't take anyone saying something is wrong, and doesn't want usto help us get things working correctly. 

Well, here we go!

Android Market Home Page

Chrome Web Store Home Page

Hover Zoom is a Google Chrome extension which displays full size images when the mouse cursor is moved over their thumbnail. 

Depending on what you use your computer for to entertain yourself with the HOVER ZOOM extension is quite useful.  The options include delay time between doing the actual "zooming" so everything you move the cursor over doesn't zoom. This is actually in the advanced features. If you choose to use "white-list mode" then the Hover Zoom is disabled except for on the sites you add to your list.  Other options include show captions, show zoomed pictures while loading and show icon in address bar. High Resolution zooming is also available when possible but they take more time to load which is something you are alerted to before checking the box.

Overall I think this is a great program and it has nearly no bugs from what I can tell. Obviously, there can be some but in the 6 months+ that I have been using it.  I'm using google chrome and windows 7 x64. Mostly it's been a help when doing something like making changes to my circles for instance in google plus. It seems like google is making everything smaller on just my computer and therefor I needed a little "boost" of "assistance" to see the people. I gotta make sure i'm not doing anything crazy like "accidentally" putting my older relatives such as my nana in a special category so as not to send her say a post on a mass murderer killing grandmothers in Massachusetts, or the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue. 

Anyways, give it a try and be sure to let me know what you think of the evaluation and the program itself here and on their page in the web store....they deserve the TheReviewTheyDon'tWantYouToSee BUMP, if you know what I mean!

MightyText App....for your Android Phone

MightyText Beta in Chrome Web Store

The mightytext app which was formerly known as TEXTY OR TEXTER is an extremely helpful tool for someone that is at their computer for long periods of time and is someone who texts on their cell phone often.  

It syncs your desktop and cell phone so that your able to do everything from your computer.  Things such as incoming calls with caller id, incoming messages, missed calls are all displayed on your screen almost immediately(for me it takes about 3 seconds of time lapse which i think is completely reasonable).  Best of all is your not only able to see your text messages without having to pick up your cell phone and unlock it every 15 minutes(if you have a timer lock like I do) but you don't even have to look away from your screen , pops up right there for ya.

I say go ahead and give it a's def worth your time for the 4 minute set up and the 3 minutes taken to really get the hang of it, it won't be the BEST 7 minutes of your life(or at least I really hope not) but those 7 minutes may save you 70 hours over the rest of your now more productive, technologically advanced, computer wizard in training ass.


Great extension! and the creator is really great about updating and continuing to make additions to make it even better. Def worth an add and a "donate" of a cup of coffee to keep the guy awake and going....come on now guys you need him awake to keep improving the extensions you want, even if it's for your own self preservation....JUST DO IT! 



joshua hastings |

I wasn't referred by a friend to the mirrorme site, I didn't hear about it from anyone either, I just stumbled upon it when I was searching for something else and i'm glad I did. I was really confused at first because there was not much of an explanation at that point, even now they are still in beta. However, they are doing a great job of expanding the list of users daily so that more and more people are able to get an accurate view of their true "REFLECTION".

You are probably wondering what a reflection is right? Your reflection is a list of the different things you write about in your social networks with all of the words varying in size dependent on their perceived importance to you.

When you get to the page, sign in using your twitter id and if this is your first time visiting it will take less then 5 minutes usually for your "reflection" to be compiled. Go ahead and go back to what you were doing for a little bit and then when you go back and refresh the page you should see what they came up with. Once your able to see your reflection your able to adjust your topics size 1 by 1 to show their true importance to you if you think the formula got it a little wrong, or even delete a topic off completely.

Google+ is the other social network that your able to sign in with at this time. As I stated earlier, while they are still in beta and adjusting things to users preferance and trying to get it just right not everyone has been added yet. So say you sign in with google, it may say you have 924 friends and you actually have 4,000 in your circles, DON'T FREAK OUT, eventually you'll see a change. When I signed up it said I have around 300 friends and a week later it changed to now somewhere around 3,500 and i'm actually at about 5,500.

What i've talked about so far is just the beginning though. Check out the different labs available to some and have some fun. You can see your different groupings of who else has your same interests, look at pie charts to see how your followers break down or how who you follow breaks down, it's some pretty cool stuff and everything is free for now for everyone. I'm sure that will change eventually but while I don't think i'd pay no matter how low the price is over maybeeee $1 because I don't really NEED it, I think a lot of the options would be useful to certain types of people and businesses. I've had great interactions with the staff so far, and think they are one of the best companies i've dealt with on a personal level.


UPDATE:After reading the comment below from Jenn (from I stand corrected in regards to changes coming in the future to a cost format, she stated they don't plan to use anything currently available to be changed to a available for a fee type which makes the site posssibilites in the future that much better. The best kind of product? THE FREE KIND OF COURSE.  Just want to note, from my post of a review it only took a few short hours before I noticed the comment. That just shows me yet again how onpoint they are with their users. Positive or Negative i've seen firsthand just how quickly everything is handled and it really is impressive, Keep UP THE GREAT WORK JENN AND EVERYONE ELSE AT MIRROR.ME.

Google Maps

My Review

I try to use google products for as many of my applications and extensions as possible just to keep it simple and because typically I think that google produces top of the line products. Once Maps added the check-in" feature to keep up with the competition I was pleased. As always with google the features continuing improving as more and more ideas are suggested but it seems like there is an overlap with quite a few of the apps like this such as navigate, maps, earth, ect since maps itself can do many of the things that those other programs are for.

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  1. So far the MightyText Beta App is HEADS AND SHOULDERS above the other few apps I've tried as far as usability for me personally at least. If you have andriod and use the computer a lot then it's DEF for you.