Friday, October 23, 2015


The Jackie Robinson Experiment 

Jackie Robinson made one of the most difficult transitions imaginable at an extremely young age, obviously mature beyond his years....

one particularly masterful scene is a photo shoot that was set up to help save face for the Philadelphia phillies organization and there coach after a disgustingly, excessive ignorant list of despicable taunts he yelled to Jackie throughout his first three at bats of the game. Jackie picks up a bat and lets the cameramen take their photo opp with each man holding part of the bat "so they don't have to touch skin" says Jackie. ZING and he deserved so so so much worse.

One of the more inspirational points in the movie without giving too much away is the scene where the 2nd basemen "PeeWee" walks up and puts his arm around Jackie, something so insignificant now but which had an overwhelming feeling of relief after seeing it. Such a touching moment.

Overall the movie was great, def something worth showing your high school sports team before the season starts or night before a big game, def some motivational stuff in there, 

I give it an 8.5/10


  1. Love to hear about your thoughts on the movie once you watch it... please share

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