Friday, May 4, 2012

"BeardHead" offer by Klout Perks

Link to Klout Perk Beardhead offer

I'll sent the scene for you. If your not a rich athlete, popular online talking head in the technology world or whoever else has mastered the Klout algorithm to achieve those nosebleed scores your somewhere between me at around 50 or my dad who only uses the computer to send his "computer letters" (that's email's for all us technologically advanced kids) and if he tried to get his score someone would reach through the screen and slap him. I really don't think the "perks" set up is very user friendly for the majority of us, you know, the ones that don't get the perks that anyone actually wants or can find any practical use for.

 It's like a god damn holiday or special occasion when I actually see that i'm eligible to begin with, and then when you see what it is, you get that feeling you used to get when opening up your great nana's Christmas present which was always a sweater she knit herself with snowflakes all over it.  KLOUT....PLEASE PLEASE, I'M BEING DEAD SERIOUS....IT'S NOT THAT HARD, I'D BE HAPPY WITH A 25 CENT PACK OF GUM THAT I REGULARLY BUY, SOMETHING, ANYTHING, JUST GET ME SOMETHING I LIKE FOR GODS SAKE. We let you see ALL of our user information EVERYWHERE, the least you could do is throw us a damn bone.....or t-shirt would be nice.

Now, back to "BEARDHEAD" PERK which I just got May 4th, 2012 after wearing a t shirt and shorts all day because it was 80 degrees out in NEW ENGLAND, western Massachusetts to be exact, why the hell would i want a winter hat to begin with right now? and to top it off, IT'S NOT EVEN REALLY FREE....$5 TO SHIP IT? I'M SORRY BUT I WOULDN'T GIVE YOU .05 CENTS IN ALL SERIOUSNESS. If the business is big enough to advertise like this and give away "free" hats then obviously there are ppl out there buying them, great for them, I just can not imagine, ANYONE, AND I MEAN ANYONE BESIDES THE INVENTOR'S mom and grandma who feels bad so they just secretly purchase like 100 each week so it looks like they are flying off the shelves. haha.

If your not eligible this time guys, just be thankful, sadly enough, the fact that I am eligible actually put a damper on my night.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

MightyText App....for your Android Phone

MightyText Beta in Chrome Web Store

The mightytext app which was formerly known as TEXTY OR TEXTER is an extremely helpful tool for someone that is at their computer for long periods of time and is someone who texts on their cell phone often.  

It syncs your desktop and cell phone so that your able to do everything from your computer.  Things such as incoming calls with caller id, incoming messages, missed calls are all displayed on your screen almost immediately(for me it takes about 3 seconds of time lapse which i think is completely reasonable).  Best of all is your not only able to see your text messages without having to pick up your cell phone and unlock it every 15 minutes(if you have a timer lock like I do) but you don't even have to look away from your screen , pops up right there for ya.

I say go ahead and give it a's def worth your time for the 4 minute set up and the 3 minutes taken to really get the hang of it, it won't be the BEST 7 minutes of your life(or at least I really hope not) but those 7 minutes may save you 70 hours over the rest of your now more productive, technologically advanced, computer wizard in training ass.

Circle known as Irving gas station Whately, MA

The 2 circle K gas stations across the street from each other in town are called Irving 

now. This one doesn't have as many pumps as the other so it's usually a lot less busy 

so I usually go here if I have a choice. ATM is a Bank America vestibule though so 



even hit for a few hundred multiple times on $2 scratch tickets as well so that made 

up for the -1 the BOA atm was going to give.

Irving view using Google Maps

It's incredible how great the coverage has grown to for Google Maps and Earth. This photo is for the Irving Circle K gas station which I added because I did a quick  review on the station. It's not terrible but i've seen much much better clarity on other ones....when I looked up my old apartment last year when it first came out I could see my car so perfectly in detail that I could read my license plate from all the way down driveway across the street. (To be honest I don't really like just how easily someone could use these apps to commit several serious crimes. 

View Circle K in a larger map