Thursday, May 3, 2012

MightyText App....for your Android Phone

MightyText Beta in Chrome Web Store

The mightytext app which was formerly known as TEXTY OR TEXTER is an extremely helpful tool for someone that is at their computer for long periods of time and is someone who texts on their cell phone often.  

It syncs your desktop and cell phone so that your able to do everything from your computer.  Things such as incoming calls with caller id, incoming messages, missed calls are all displayed on your screen almost immediately(for me it takes about 3 seconds of time lapse which i think is completely reasonable).  Best of all is your not only able to see your text messages without having to pick up your cell phone and unlock it every 15 minutes(if you have a timer lock like I do) but you don't even have to look away from your screen , pops up right there for ya.

I say go ahead and give it a's def worth your time for the 4 minute set up and the 3 minutes taken to really get the hang of it, it won't be the BEST 7 minutes of your life(or at least I really hope not) but those 7 minutes may save you 70 hours over the rest of your now more productive, technologically advanced, computer wizard in training ass.

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