Monday, January 30, 2012

FL Roberts: Whately Truck Stop

FL Roberts: Whately Truck Stop 
372 State Road, Whately, MA 01093
(413) 665-8727

FL Roberts Whately Truck Stop and Fillin Station Diner from google maps

Tiny store, literally can't fit more then maybe 8 people inside the gas station. It's a well known place for truckers to eat, get gas and sleep at night. Always many 18 wheelers parked and its drawn a pretty rough crowd at times but since it's open 24 hours its also popular with the local high school and townpeople who are either out drinking or up late. Also, due to the stripclub Castaways being about a mile down the road you get a few of the ladies nightly. Not a bad place to eat during the day but probably not the place i'd bring my kids if your taking a road trip and need to refuel at 1am after the bars close.

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  1. this is a good idea for the truckers where to stop to dine and even where to sleep at night. great! truck stop in chippenham