Thursday, July 12, 2012

Survey Survey Review

This shit is REALLY REALLY starting to get on my nerves. No, that's not true. It's already on my nerves and it's "starting" to get to the i'm going to waste 20 minutes out of my life emailing "customer service" and explaining exactly how unjust, unethical, wrong, and just plain fucking irritating what they are doing is knowing damn well whomever happens to open it will either A. spit out his subway grinder laughing by the end of the first paragraph and call in a few buddies to check this one out or B. Will end up deleted and no one will have so much as an afterthought as to who "employee" 375b294a  is, thinks, wants, QUITS!

How ironic that I actually just now had another survey from an entirely different company, about different things, paying different amounts, etc just did the EXACT same thing to me. Well, CONGRATS WWW.SURVEYHEAD.COM YOU SUCCESSFULLY MADE IT INTO THE REALM OF THE CUSTOMER REVIEW WORLD. HOPEFULLY YOU ADHERE TO THE EDICT OF ANY PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY. I will say this caveat though in Survey Head's defense: As far as I can recall it has not been a constant, reoccurring, ALMOST DAILY problem like in the case of Survey Spot.

I bet your just dying to find out what my issue is. No it's not the fact that i'm getting paid .50 cents to answer a survey that is "estimated" to be about 20 minutes(yeah, that's $1.50 per hour. I'm NOT EXAGGERATING) Im not even complaining(at least not right now) about how wrong it is to agree to answer that 20 minute survey for .50 and in reality spend 35-40 minutes answering honestly and thoughtfully like I was asked to do. I'm mad because after spending that 35 minutes that was supposed to be 20 not only do they have a automated prompt pop up that alerts you that you will not be collecting your funds but it states a list of 4 reasons which "MAY" have contributed to this decision.

1. Inattentive behavior such as speeding through a survey.
2. Your IP address is showing as a different country then you currently listed in your profile.
3. Someone in your household has already taken this survey.
4. I'm not positive.

Survey Support Center Link
Survey About us Main Page Link

Ok, so now your telling me, AFTER I spend an exorbitant amount of time helping YOU make a better product that your customers like and therefor BUY, THEN you tell me that you DECIDED ACTUALLY, NOPE, NOT GOING TO PAY YOU, BUT THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND INFORMATION, WE'LL BE USING THAT TO GET YOU TO BUY FROM US AND OUR PARTNERS IN THE FUTURE. GOODBYE.


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