Thursday, May 10, 2012

NEW Golden China Restaurant- South Deerfield MA

I would have rated it a 4 overall except I gave it a bonus star for the new ownership(not really new anymore since its been a few years, but it's necessary to mention because under the old owners it was a disaster. Everything from multiple health code violations, poor serivce, expensive everything and I personally caught being overcharged twice. (and i'm not talking about 10 cents where someone couldn't carry the 0 and some rude customer gives the place a bad reputation, both times were over $5! As far as i'm concerned 1 time can be your honest mistake...two times and it's my mistake for giving you another chance and coming back!

Google Maps Link to New Golden China Address

Anyways, the women that owns restaurant puts in nearly 100 hours every week and if you happen to find a time she's not there(EVEN WHEN THEY ARE CLOSED SHE COMES OVER WITH HER FAMILY AND THEY CLEAN AND DO INVENTORY ETC ALL TOGETHER) That's just one example of why I think they deserve support. We all should support our local businesses but when you have a place like this that supports the local schools, sports programs and anyone else that has a fundraiser and happens to ask letting people know about the quality customer service is the least I can do. Go check it out if your in the area driving up highway 91 north. AND THAT MEANS ALL OF YOU GUYS THAT TAKE THE TRIP TO SEE YANKEE CANDLE need to save $20(spend $480 instead of $500 at Yankee) and go have yourself a nice quiet meal in town, you'll enjoy it.

Google Maps Link to Directions of Yankee Candle to New Golden China

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