Thursday, May 10, 2012

Android Tablet Case with

After getting the Toshiba Thrive for my birthday(GREAT present by the way) after the happiness/and the cool "i own my own tablet" feeling wear off you realize just how much of a pain in the $#% it is to use the touchscreen to actually type....since the days of the hand-held palm pilot I had and others along the way manufactures have came A LONG LONG LONG WAY but still, there is nothing like just having a keyboard that we are all accustomed to. After searching and comparing the different features and prices I ended up giving this one a try and figured that it's priced at such a great deal if I end up unsatisfied I can always just return it. I always seem to be weary of products at that have such huge discounts but NOT ONCE have I been dissapointed so far once receiving the actual product. Once again I was pleasantly surprised and found a steal!!! Not only did I pay barely over $15 but it was in my hands within a few days, shipped safely and packed tight and even though I was buying this item for the keyboard specifically, the case was a great bonus that I found to be really helpful. It's obvious that this isn't some $300 fine italian leather case and keyboard but at this pricepoint it's worth double and I wouldn't blink at paying that the next time. I made my purchase through a company called USSO but it looks like it's selling for EVEN CHEAPER NOW, at $11 it's def a buy worth checking out!

This product does require that your tablet has a full usb can not just have a slave or it is not compatible.


  1. It is better if you buy tablet case with keyboard and not the tablet itself. The cover will provide protection for your unit. And the keyboard let you type much faster than virtual screen keyboard.

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