Thursday, May 10, 2012

TCL 40" HIgh Def LCD Television

I was hesitant to buy this tv at first because obviously the brand isnt well known in the US but after reading many of the reviews and comparing specs and prices I felt it was worth the risk to take a chance because of Amazon's return policy and customer service. First, from opening up the package to sitting on my couch and hitting the power button was literally under 5 minutes, very simple set up and easy menus. I thought the picture was pretty average with normal channels so I was somewhat dissapointed but once I started watching some of the HD channels I have I was pleasantly surprised. It was a much different picture then on the basic channels and after tweaking some of the picture basics to my personal preferance I am pretty happy with how everything turned out. You can't beat this price, I paid under $400 and free shipping and got my tv 5 days from when I hit the confirm order button. I was kept up to date on when I would be getting the delivery but and this is a pretty big but....I knew I would be getting the tv sometime today so I planned on staying around my house most of the afternoon. I ran out to the store and came home to my 40 inch tv sitting outside my apartment door in plain view. I dont live in the city or anything so its not like it would be grabbed up 10 minutes after it was left but I wouldn't feel comfortable having it sit outside for an extended period of time. I knew it was coming today so I wasnt gone long as I said but just be aware of this if your going to get something expensive and have free shipping. All in all im very happy with the purchase and once again will continue to do all my shopping for big ticket items at amazon.

The second television pictured is the newer model.


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