Friday, November 18, 2011

Small World Pre-school+ Child

52 Sugarloaf Street, South Deerfield, MA 01373-1144
(413) 665-4501

Fantastic preschool! All of the staff is so helpful and they are all amazing with the kids. When a friend of ours went to visit to look into sending their daughter they staying for an hour watching different groups and didn't even go home to talk first, wrote a check to hold their spot that moment. Seems to really be a caring place from the kids, teachers, owner and parents. They have different events like a hike one sunday with a picnic for all the fathers and the kids to spend time together, and the teachers volunteer their time. How great is that? You don't see that very often. Overall just a 5 star place and I'd recommend absolutely sending your children if you live within a reasonable distance. One parent drives almost a half hour just to bring her child because she's so happy there.

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