Saturday, November 26, 2011

Summary: Below I put the link to the "FakeGirlfriend" website which leads you to the explanation and instructions on "how it works" Bascially it's a service that pretends to be your significant other when you want/need to have a girlfriend. Text the number provided and your "girlfriend" will respond with a random text message. Message will be "girlfriend-esque" so you can show friends/family/x-girlfriend that's real or whoever you want that you have a new "girlfriend"

My Take: I find this to be extremely creative and funny. What makes it even more hilarious is that there are a number of guys out there who would most definitely use this if they were aware of its existance. While i'm sure it was originally created by Built by Ricky Robinett | Powered with Twilio.CO | Hat Tip to HannahDiscouraging DougTWiST as a somewhat joke there are men out there who want to make their ex-girlfriend jealous, prove to their parents they are dating again after divorce, prove to their parents they have a serious girlfriend, show their friends their girlfriend is real, ect ect. Ricky Robinetti has a link on this site to go to his "other" app which costs a fee that you can click on to "support" the making so if your really using this out there guys, show RICKY ROBINETTI some love and donate a few bucks, getting your loved ones off your back is worth it or you wouldn't be actually dialing a fake girlfriend up would you???



I found this link in my google+ stream originally from +Emily Manning


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