Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I first noticed this being mentioned in a few posts in my google + stream but didn't pay much attention. I ended up reading an article about it on . I ended up reading the first part of it and then just clicking on the link so I could send one to my girlfriend because I wanted to play a little joke. The really neat part is that you get to type in what phone number to call it from(i.e. you enter whatever number you want to show up on the persons caller id)That's the fun part, then you answer all these little questions and they create the call using the details you choose in your the end you can choose to place the call or send a video instead to an email.(The video was a feature that google added later, very creative I think.)

I really like the idea of this and applaud google for their creation. The only thing that I didn't like but probably was a preemptive move by google for people making prank calls to strangers is the restriction of calls beyond a certain time. I believe it was 8pm central. I know that I was unable to do it as of 9pm in the Eastern Time Zone. I think it's a good idea to limit calling hours because obviously it's def going to be abused by some kids i'd assume, or put a limit per day on calls per IP address to 2 or 3 maybe. No one needs to be sending anymore then that, even if they had 5 kids they'd be able to do 3 first day and 2 next.

Overall, great idea and I think it's been well received throughout, at least I haven't heard of anyone complaining. And if it turns out that there is a large number of complaints due to prank calls google posting warning that they will be turning over the names of fraudulent users.

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