Saturday, December 31, 2011

South Deerfield Post Office

South Deerfield Post Office on Google Maps

This is an absolutely fantastic post office, by far the best I have been to in the area. The building is pretty new and looks great, it's kept very clean and there is more then enough room throughout for the po boxes and the dual counters to help customers. There is also an island to allow people to make adjustments or finish packing before they get into line or while they wait. The staff is great as well, they are all very helpful and pleasant and 99% of the time they have answers to any questions i've asked in regards to best/cheapest way to ship something to place X safely. Everything moves quickly and even when there has been a 5 or 6 person line(3 on each side) it's typically taken about 5 minutes or less to get up to the front which I think is more then adequate compared to others I have visited elsewhere. Prices are ridiculous for most of the supplies that you can purchase but as far as I know those prices are set for them, and even if they are not I doubt the employees are getting a cut of bubble wrap sales. Even the regular mailman I have is great, always makes sure to put bags over my packages if its raining and asks every once in a while to make sure nothing is late. I thought it was very very impressive when he helped me track down a package that got misplaced at another post office on the way to my house in Texas. That's going above and beyond.

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