Friday, November 18, 2011

Frontier Regional High School- South Deerfield, MA

Frontier Regional- is a known "sports" school throughout the area and continually sends 

team after team season after season sport after sport year after year into the playoffs and 

beyond. The towns that feed into Frontier are Conway, Whately, Sunderland, and Deerfield which 

are mainly rural wide open farming areas and the student population reflects that. It's a public 

school and several buildings have recently been remade from the poor condition to basically 

brand new still. 


Gym is nice and can fill to capacity for a home basketball game and atmosphere 

is great. Boys+Girls teams are both top notch at basketball, soccer, football, cross-country, 

volleyball, and baseball. Teaching was about average for the area with trivial authority figures 

making hypocritical decisions, displaying favortism for some depending on who they were, what 

they played, ect ect. Same in a lot of small towns in the area but compared with other schools 

elsewhere would rank below average in that category.

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