Friday, July 6, 2012

The Blind Side Movie Review

I was impressed with the overall story-line of the movie and since it's based on the real life events of Michael Oher I was really hoping that they stayed as true to reality as possible. I didn't need some over the top wrinkle to add some "flash" because that takes away from credibility. The writers made it through. Well, actually they didn't. They made it about 80% of the way through the movie before they scraped together this unrealistic scene.

After growing frustrated with the NCAA's questions about his recruitment Michael stormed out of the office meeting, confronted his "new mom" and somewhat (pardon the pun) blindsided her with the question of "why did you do it", "was it for me or was it for you all along" thing and walked off. Later that night somehow he ends up back on the "other" side of town where he grew up and when faced with the difficult decision of waiting for his mom alone outside or entering the drug den (good vs evil) he makes the one bad choice of his life and it turns into a mix of a Snoop Dogg video, a clip of Scarface and backyard brawls 2. I won't spoil the rest. My point is it transitioned awkwardly to where they needed but they could have done a much better job without losing the sincerity of the entire movie.

All in all I really enjoyed the movie though. It conveys a great message of perseverance and hard work can make anything happen. Obviously this unbelievable story is something that's a 1 in a million type of thing but hey better then 1 in a trillion right?

I'm going to rank it a 7/10 on my just created tonight grading scale which will be patented shortly(so don't get any ideas Siskal and Ebert! what the heck is a scale that only goes up to 4? There is a HUGE difference between a 3 and a 4 i'd think, ya gotta get some more stars guys)

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