Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lies and Illusions featuring Christian Slater+Cuba Gooding jr

The snippet that Comcast provides didn't reveal exactly just how low budget and straight to DVD it must have been. While the plot-line wasn't exactly perfect, probable, or believable, the popular movies often don't fit into those categories either. It seemed extremely low budget and cheesy feel for a 2009 flick and while watching a rated R movie on television eliminates a lot of the feel sometimes, I can't let the producers off the hook that easy.

The real problem was the absolutely PATHETIC, EMBARRASSING, AND LAUGHABLE attempt to insert "real" action/adventure drama we so often look forward to seeing. I don't know whether it was filmed during a weekend that the SAG was on strike or stunt doubles were all busy shooting Fast and Furious 126 I believe, you know the newest one where they now are in monster trucks???

Regardless of the excuse the scenes were just terrible and really REALLY, that hard to watch. Venture to your television or the bargain bin at Walmart at your own risk my friends!!! I WARNED YA!

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