Sunday, February 12, 2012

Northampton Ford Inc

Northampton Ford Inc 
55 Damon Road, Northampton, MA 01060
(800) 666-3673   (413) 584-2400   (413) 586-9614 (Fax)

When ppl talk about car salesmen being deceptive liars and cheats they unfortunately probably stopped in and talked to someone at this little slice of hell. My experience was something I had only heard of happening so I was pretty taken back when it did. 

Ok, I drove by saw vehicle I liked, stopped in spoke to salesmen and test drove, decided i'd purchase it as long as I could get a loan, pretty straightforward stuff. I had a vehicle to trade in that was completely paid off and not a beater so while I was there we looked it up on KBB trade in value and private sale which was $3900 and 4900. The only other condition I had was that I wanted 4500 for my vehicle and since I didn't even ask for anything off the price of the car I wanted obviously that was more then fair and he said it wasn't a problem, we shook hands and I was supposed to come back in 2 days to sign paperwork and pick it up. 2 days later I called and it was salesmen's day off and no one else knew about it, next day spoke with him finally and he forgot to have the detail person get it ready for sale so FINALLY on the 4th day I went down and was ready to buy my new used car.....

Then it  began.....I started filling out paperwork and he casually mentioned that they would be able to give me the $2500 I wanted for my trade-in. I paused and took it all in before I smiled and said that it was $4500 and reminded him we looked at KBB together so i'm not sure what he was talking about. Why would I ask for over a grand LESS then the trade in was?? Does anyone enjoy being ripped off or going home feeling like the dealership just "took you for a ride" (pardon the pun)?? Needless to say after some talking to the manager and realizing this was all planned I took my car and went to a different dealership that day and went home with my new car.

 Just to mention it was same year, model, features, with 15K less miles, took $1k off sticker price which was lower then this place and gave me the $4500, you'll see their review in the future.I should add the manager and everyone else I spoke with was very nice and apologetic but there was not much aside from the words that they were able to do supposedly and that was little consolation for my missed day of work, time, gas, and the frustration of the entire process.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Hopefully, others out there would learn a lesson from this post and be able to handle their car purchases successfully. There is really just no excuse for bad service and trying to rip customers off.