Thursday, March 1, 2012

Breakout Kings Perk from Klout

Breakout Kings Perk from Klout

I must say, i've been VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED in the Klout Perks program up to this point. The items "perks" that I have been both qualified for and signed up up before it was "sold out" have been so sad that disappointed is an understatement. I was excited when I first signed up and really made a conservative effort to continue to build my rating so I was able to attain better perks.The problem is that as time went by I realized how difficult Klout had made it for the average user......

All of the perks that are on the lower end are basically not even something that benefits the consumer while it enables said companies to generate views, mentions, traffic and sales possibly. Things such as a $10 discount on a purchase of $50 in merchandise is the perfect example. The fact that I don't think i'd buy anything from the stores if they were doing a going out of business 80% off sale pretty much sums it up. It's a meaningless "reward" that shows benefit to the company running it and does little for the users who are actually working hard trying to build their "score"

The first perk that I was actually genuinely pleased about when it came was the Breakout Kings. It was a wristband that's grey and has "breakout kings" inscribed that has a USB safely stored inside for easy transport. Also included was a Breakout Kings backpack that's one of those nylon ones with the rope that's wirhout pockets. It's not expensive by any means but def something i'll use and the USB is a huge plus, it's one of those things you can never have enough of and it's the only one that I have with protective covering so i'll use it a lot. 

Hopefully this kind of thing is going to become the norm in the future, let me know what you guys have gotten of value? What kinds of perks have you been happy to receive? Include your score so everyone can see if they are close to being able to get ones you guys like, everyone is welcome to comment!!

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