Monday, April 23, 2012

So, think Snap Dollars is your answer to your dreams or even a tank of gas a few times per month? How about a tank of gas monthy? A single tank, that's not much to ask, RIGHT?

I'll tell ya right off the bat, this is going to be one of the only places, items, things, sites, etc that I have given an almost entirely negative review....the thing is, I intentionally waited 3 1/2 months after starting to use the snap dollars site for that fact. I could tell it was not very user friendly the first day but wanted to see if it got better elsewhere. Sometimes, sites or items have 1 nagging little issue but they blow you away everywhere else, i've even literally forgot the thing that bothered me when someone asked before(about my toshiba thrive tablet actually) Unfortuneately, that was no where near the case here....just kept getting worse and worse until finally, here I am. Snap, you had your chance, we dated, we tried, we gave it another chance, but seriously, you need to get away, go somewhere quiet and far away, let yourself unwind, relax, think, and then start fresh....REALLY, I'M NOT KIDDING. DO IT!!!

Ok, here's the deal. Most ppl find out pretty quick that "reading" (or clicking on and quickly closing) the "paid email offers" is something you should do everyday to add some much needed money to your account. That's pretty much a rule of thumb for any of these types of sites, it literally takes 4 seconds per email, and that's if your just waking up, groggy, half awake, and can't find your delete button. The thing with this place is that they are literally the ONLY SURVEY SITE, ONLY ONE, OUT OF THE 12 I'M TESTING RIGHT NOW, THAT SIMPLY WILL NOT "REMEMBER" MY PASSWORD MORE THEN A FEW TIMES IN A ROW BEFORE IT SOMEHOW GETS DELETED AND IM FORCED TO REENTER IT AGAIN...OF COURSE THAT'S AFTER I'VE ALREADY CLICKED THE EMAIL AND DELETED IT....


To make things exponentially worse, no response from "customer service" either. Nothing. Dial Tone. Crickets. That little buzzing sound when you turn the tv off. After the 3rd attempt, I cut my losses on way too much time, effort, honesty, and knew it was time for the big ending, the final scene, the kiss of death, execution was necessary but i'm no killer. If even 1 person reads this and avoids the feeling of putting in a weeks work, finally getting your check in the mail, and getting half what you expected.....well, with the time you put into these things and the little reward it's more like seeing 1/120th of what you expected per week. AND THEN TO SEE THAT HALF OF THAT SHIT WASN'T EVEN CREDITED??? 

Beyond Disappointing. It's to the point that it's comical. BUT, it's only funny because it's not money I was relying on obviously, I know it's hard to believe but there really are ppl out there plugging along, answering hundreds and thousands of questions daily, just trying to make whatever they can, wherever they can and I guarantee you, GUARANTEE YOU, that there's men and women around the states and other countries that have had some heated, pointless, yelling matches with themselves and the computer screen....

because Snap Dollars isn't great, isn't even mediocre, put it this way, if someone told you they are awful, Snap Dollars should publish that and be happy that some news station hasn't found some guy that put in 180 hours and then got a check for $30.14 4 months later. 


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