Wednesday, April 25, 2012

VideoSecu Tilt Tv Wall Mount- Purchased from

Purchase Price at time of purchase was about $30, which is a few dollars cheaper then it's selling for right now on amazon.

VideoSecu Tilt TV Wall Mount for Most 32"-65" LCD LED Plasma TV Flat Screen, Sturdy Steel Wall Plate Free HDMI Cable and 6" Bubble Level M43 (Electronics)
I spent a few weeks debating on which tvs to buy for my living room in the new apartment and the bedroom so I def made use of my time debating, comparing, reading reviews from users, trying to gauge not just the cheapest but the best price I could find that was getting good reviews from owners that had the same size tvs I was getting, screen and weight along with an installation that was simple enough that I wasn't going to end up paying some installation guy whatever exhorbanant amount they wanted to spend them whole half hour to get it all set up. 

Well, I was pretty anxious waiting for this one to arrive because it was just SO much cheaper then anything else, anywhere else, AND it was getting the best reviews out of the 15-20 options available other then 1 which had a half star better rating I believe and costed well over 4 times as much. I believe it was 6 times as much actually...about $150. You HAVE to be at least a little apprehensive even with the reviews when something is just discounted so damn much.

 Anyways, I had NO REASON TO WORRY, THIS BAD BOY SET UP IN JUST UNDER A HALF HOUR BY MY STEPFATHER AND MYSELF, feels solid as a rock up on my wall, very secure in my opinion. The tilt feature is nice as well, and pretty necessary depending on where you have the tv in relation to windows, your lighting etc. Take a little advice, play it on the safe side and spend the few extra bucks to get the tilt or at least swivel. And if it's an option, hell, get both. My 40 inch has now been up for nearly a year, havent had a single problem, get compliments on it all the time and actually have had 2 friends get the same one as this in the last few months. It's a great buy and if your debating on another and this.....don't debate anymore, this is the way to go. 

The ONLY DRAWBACK.... and it's a minor one, it's that stupid bubble level they include free. They really should just take it out and either don't bother or go for including one a few steps up so it's actually level. That's kinda important I think, know what I mean? The HDMI cable thats included is good enough for most ppl, not that long though, measure how much length you need before you don't order a longer one seperate otherwise it'll be a few dissapointing days until you can get to store and get one while your new tv sits on the floor waiting for you, begging to look pretty up on your wall while you strain your neck in bed to still see it.


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