Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mindfield Online Internet Panels

Want to know one of my pet peeves? Not sure why I even ask that because regardless of your answer if your reading this your going to know....well, I suppose if you really don't want to then you can close the page now though and save yourself. It's taking the time to start to answer one of those "paid internet surveys" and then after you spend a few minutes "qualifying" your told, "I'm sorry, we've already filled the field that your quota fits into today, thank you, hope to see you again soon." 

You know what goes beyond being a pet peeve? An online company taking up 15-20 minutes of my time which I spend answering questions about products I use, why I like them, which I don't like etc etc and then letting me know that they have my quota filled but they thank me for my time. WHAT? You asked the fucking qualifying questions nearly 20 minutes ago and they took me about 90 seconds to answer! Remember? I do! They asked my age, race, sex....why the hell didn't you stop me from answering questions then? No, instead you let me answer 95% of the damn survey that was supposed to pay $3 and take 25 minutes so now I get paid NOTHING AND SPENT 20 MINUTES TO GET THAT FUCKING NOTHING. 

I usually don't write a review until I have spent a reasonable amount of time using a product, service or site because I want to be fair and objective and for this reason i'm not going to say anything else negative about Mindfield Panels because it hasn't been very long yet. But, THIS IS THE 2ND GOD DAMN TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED OUT OF THE LAST 3 SURVEYS I HAVE TRIED TO ANSWER. THAT IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. It's bad enough that these survey companies pay like crap and still ppl like myself sit here and spend the time blindly trying to answer honestly under the guise we are helping shape the companies that we buy from, but now your going to actually rip us off for those measly few bucks we get for the hours we put in?

It comes out to less then $2 an hour usually. LITERALLY. AND I'M NOT EXAGGERATING. COME ON GUYS, STEP UP.

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