Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Website Review is one of those sites that you stumble upon accidentally one day and a few hours later your thinking to yourself, jeez this is awsome, how come I have never heard of it before??? The concept is simple, almost everyone has someone out there in the world with the same name, link all of your profiles together so your able to create your own strong identity. Whether your a college graduate looking at prospective job opportunities or a small business owner looking to broaden his reach, it's extremely important and valuable to not only know what information is out there attached to your name but also separate yourself from others and put your best work forward.

The basic package with limited functionality is free and useful. I've already seen results on the links I submitted within the first few weeks and they state it usually takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks which is reasonable. I suggest everyone really should go out there and check it out, at the very least see what type of stuff is out there, why not? IT'S FREE! 

The only thing that disappointed me was the basic only allows you to submit 3 links along with your "profile" from brandyourself and that just really isn't even close to what someone with a business would need. It's almost a tease since it doesn't even cover just linking my main social networks with 3. It's unlimited submissions when you upgrade to the premium package which I think is great but the prices are a little bit high in my opinion. I realize it's a business and a business needs to make money to survive and continue to grow and improve but someone in my position just doesn't have the extra funds to put towards something like this as useful as I really think it is. 

Well, take my word for it, or don't, it's not like i'm going to get fired, remember, this is MY blog, and since I'm paying myself with Twix bars and those tasty "Cow Tails" candy I def can't get demoted, so have it ladies and gentlemen, it's a 3 thumbs up!


  1. I've really enjoyed the personal reviews that you have took the time to share with the world...thanks again.

  2. Brandyourself sucks!
    It protects criminals and sex offenders.
    The guy below is allowed to have a brandyourself page. Disgusting!

  3. BrandYourself is an alright choice if you're looking to manage your reputation online, but there are better solution providers out there. Checkout to see some other good companies that offer ORM services similar to those offered by BrandYourself.

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