Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ok, let's start out by saying I had never expected to use any "online" job search site/tools when I was looking for work. I live in a small Massachusetts community that on some days seems to have more cows and corn then people. Our local paper has a classifieds at the end of the local section and since I was 16 that's where I went to find a job when I wasn't working for myself... Problem is, over the years the number of jobs has decreased at an incredible rate. While there are always the fast food restaurants, gas stations, and dollar stores in the next town over that pay minimum wage, which sadly is not even close to a living wage. Even if you manage to get full time hours the benefits are poor at best and the pay can't sustain housing and a pick one or the other and try to not get fired the next time a bus is running late. Overall, I just think it's a sad situation but when your faced with a situation like that all you can do is keep going out there and applying. Someone is going to hire you eventually, its just going to take a little more work then before.

I don't know how many jobs i've applied for exactly, but in the last month i'd say its around 12-15. That includes many minimum wage which is $9 an hour, barely living wage and still below the poverty level technically at $12 an hour and one median upper living wage which was $18 an hour. Now these terms are mine and mine only, this is just my opinion of what it takes to survive with limited material possessions on those earning possibilities. 

It's gotten to the point that the majority of jobs don't even bother to let you know they went in another direction and hired someone else let alone take the time to set up an interview. My problem with that is I always make sure to follow up promptly and most time repeatedly just looking to know if the position has been filled but my messages go unanswered and i'm left to realize, ok, well I need to keep looking because obviously they are not interested in what I have to offer. It's not an ego thing or even a really big deal, I just was raised to always be courteous and I don't feel like these local businesses are doing a very good job. I know they may be swamped with applications but if an applicant takes the time to call and check on your hiring situation it doesn't take that long to simply call and let them know you chose someone else for the position. Quick and easy.  

Now, on to website. I finally gave in and used the resources indeed provides and decided on my own to do a little extra work on my resume and make sure I was including everything that's expected in a cover letter and within a week I had 2 interviews with businesses that are providing a living wage AND benefits!!! I just wanted to let ppl out there know that, indeed works and at the very least, upload your resume and give it a shot, YOU DESERVE IT!!!


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