Monday, December 23, 2013


I've had sleep problems for most of my life for one reason or another....some of them self inflicted and others just a victim of circumstances. When I first head the word Ambien one image, one huge headline and one celebrity came to mind. TIGER WOODS. 

Link to article in which Tiger's use is explained

Unfortunately my sleep problems are with both falling asleep and staying asleep. It really makes mornings difficult as far as getting myself outta bed and functioning. I've now gotten into the habit of having a nice strong coffee first thing just to kinda clear my head and go over my itinerary of the day.  A standard dose is usually 10mg before bed but many doctors will start you off on a 5 mg pill to see if that is strong enough to ease the sleeplessness.

A drug such as Ambien should not be taken daily, ideally its only taken for a period of a week or two and then discontinued when whatever reasons you had for being unable to sleep have passed. It is prescribed monthly on a limited basis as long as it is not being abused or even used correctly most it should be taken every other day to delay the body from becoming dependent. Once dependent if not taken as scheduled you will experience withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms range from trouble sleeping, shaking, racing thoughts, sweating, headaches, vomiting and even stiffness throughout the body causing pain.

Personally I take a 10 mg dose as needed. I make sure to never use Ambien more then 3 times per week and have managed to typically only use it 1 or 2 times weekly as to avoid a physical or mental dependence.  I have tried over the counter sleep aids such as the ones sold at 7-11 or CVS and those never really worked for me. Even over the counter meds can be addicting and habit forming though so be careful when taking any type of med for an extended period of time. 

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