Monday, December 23, 2013

Clean-Slate Recovery Program

Cleanslate has been every bit of the life saver for me that I say it is.....Without the combination of counseling at the main office weekly combined with counseling from an outside 3rd party and the medication Suboxin I would be still using heroine daily to this day. The comparisons can be drawn between a methadone program and a suboxin program however in my humble opinion there really is no comparison.... The clean-slate program has kept me clean and sober from any and all opiates since my first day of induction back 8 months ago. The Cleanslate program has two options of treatment, Suboxone/Buprenorphin-Naloxon) or Vivitrol.

The most basic difference between Suboxone and Vivitrol is the length of time between visits to the office and amount of time between doses..... Suboxone comes in both pill and film form and is taken on a daily basis by allowing it to dissolve under your tongue while it is absorbed. It is def not the best tasting thing i've ever had but it's detractors are ABSOLUTELY out weighed by its positives. It's taken as closely to the same time daily as possible to work yourself into a routine as to not ever forget it. You will feel uncomfortable as far as the beginning of withdrawal symptoms if you forget your dose in the am and are unable to take it until say 6 pm after work when you typically take it at 6 am. Just click the link and look for a cleanslate center in your saved my life and if I can help just one person make the decision to eliminate opiates from their life and get clean, this was more then worth it.

Suboxone when taken correctly eliminates the often painful withdrawal symptoms from opiate dependence. In addition it has a "blocker" aspect that will not allow the receptors in your brain to "get high" by not allowing the opiate to attach itself. This can be dangerous for users who don't understand that no matter how much heroine they take for instance, THEY CAN NOT GET HIGH IF THEY ARE ON A NORMAL SUBOXONE PROGRAM AND ARE ADHERING TO THE DIRECTIONS OF YOUR CLINICIANS. Some ppl have overdosed or even died as a result of not understanding this process and continuing to either smoke, sniff or inject more heroine or pills when they don't get high after their first attempt. 

Vivatrol on the other hand is injected by a trained professional once a month and gives the patient less responsibility as far as making sure of taking their meds on time, daily, and keeping that routine. Vivitrol does have the same endgame possibilities though allowing patients to accidentally overdose if they attempt to get high without realizing the blocker will not allow it.


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