Thursday, December 26, 2013

Papa Gino;s Review- Northampton, Massachusetts

I'm sorry to say this was by far the WORST Papa Gino's I have EVER been to in my entire life! I live probably about 20 minutes so I only go maybe once a year but yesterday was just so absoultely disgusting I couldn't help but writing. 

I used to love eating there back years ago and it was also very popular in northampton at this location. but now I know why I was the only customer inside and the 3 workers spent so much time laughing...they knew what I was getting myself into. My stomach still hurts this am  from that crap, it was barely edible. I used the order online option which was very convenient and I'd definitely recommend all places that serve this type of food make it available. The website is pretty slow which is annoying when your in a hurry but a few different thing can contribute to that on your end as well such as your internet connection.  

As for the food, women and small children should close your eyes here. Ok, they closed? Damnit, I SAW YOU PEAKING KID. YES, YOU! close them! Ok, breadsticks have got to be the easiest item to make on any pizza shops menu right? Well, try feeding that crap they call "Cheesy Bread" to Seagulls and they'd prob fly back overhead just to shit on you! We unfortuneatly bought a large which was overpriced to begin with at $6.49 but add in the fact it was colder then room temperature, rubbery from the thawing and "re-heating" sorry I mean "Cooking" process I'd imagine, and even having a look that was so unappealing that I literally closed my eyes when I took a bite.....I wish the story ended there....but NOPE, IT DOES NOT! Decided to get the large since the small was almost the same price and that way we figured we could have leftovers for lunch this afternoon.

Papa Gino's Link in Google Maps
Papa Gino's Menu Link for Northampton Location

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