Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pioneer Valley Spine and Sport Medicines

Wow, let me say once again....WOW. I had previously dealt with one of their other locations back in 2007 after a very bad car accident. I presented with a herniated disk and pinched nerve between T-6-7 7-8. I had gotten an MRI back when I first started physical therapy at Cooley Dickenson Hospital in Northampton, MA. I met with Dr. Sarah Narayan this afternoon and once I gave her the consent so that she would be able to gain access to my previous history, she was gone no more then 3-4 minutes and then we did a quick physical and reflex tests.

For one of the very first times in my life I really felt like someone in the healthcare field cared about what they were doing in regards to how I felt, what i'm going through and what plan we have going forward to fix the problem...... DR. SARAH NARAYAN is a breath of fresh air that the medical field desperately needs going forward in my opinion. She worked quickly without rushing anything, asked all of the basic questions I figured she would ask and a few others I had not thought of which was comforting to know that she knew a lot more about these types of problems and has seen exactly what works and what doesn't. 

Because of my past drug history I made the decision prior to even making the appointment that I was going to take any pain medications that have an opiate content off the table and out of discussions. Although I never abused my previous subscriptions to percocet and I am in considerable pain I just don't even want to take one step down that road ever again.....could I have never even mentioned the suboxine program I am in and went home with 60 perk(5mg) yep, i'm pretty damn sure I would have had unlimited refills since something like back pain can be managed with medication and PT but its not something that typically goes away forever, there is no guarantee that the non-opiate prescription will do anything more the hid the back pain I have while raising my bodies tolerance to a dangerous drug. 

During my addiction I went from the point that a single 5 mg pill made me sick to my stomach and planned on never using them again. I even scheduled an appointment with my DR. a few weeks down the road thinking i'd need to get something else, anything else really, I couldn't function feeling that way..... other then that very first 5 mg perk I have NEVER felt sick while taking opiates again, my tolerance grew from 2 per day for a total of 10 mg of percocet daily, to 2 in the am right when I wake up so I can get out of my bed, 2 after lunch and 2 right before I went to sleep. As the months pass my tolerance builds up and i'm running out of my 10 day supply quicker and quicker. I was supposed to get 60 every 10 days or as needed.... I don't think I called on day 11 even once. 

With that system I was able to still go to work and function, but there was an invisible hold on me the minute I took that damn pill for the second time. It felt AMAZING. and I almost lost everything in my life that mattered to me because of where opiate addiction took me. It's not something most can get through alone. Its a simple fact. Without the help of someone outside of your clique your never going to be successful until you realize that what your doing isn't just hurting yourself, friends, family etc. It's KILLING THEM TO SEE YOU GO THROUGH THE WITHDRAWAL.

After looking at my X-Rays and discussing both my history and my present condition we decided on trying Prednisone(a type of steroid commonly used in situations like this) on a 2 week taper which eases itself out of your system if they are taken correctly and Gabapentin which is used in place of those opiate based/narcotic meds is much much less likely to be abused. While if my memory serves me I don't think Gabapentin worked for me last time but I couldn't really tell because I was always taking so many percocet that I had no way of knowing if the gabapentin was helpful.

For now I have weekly visits scheduled for physical therapy and a check up with the good DR after a few weeks(when the prednisone cycle is done with). For the first time in over 10 years I made the right choices and for that, the fact that i'm free this January instead of in jail like I was last year, means more then I can put into words. Remember there is always someone out there worse off then you, take the time and effort that you put into finding and buying the best drugs every single day and put that towards your family and friends and I can guarantee you'll feel 10 times better then by that stupid hit.

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