Thursday, January 9, 2014

My new Google Android tablet

So, I get a tablet that's on sale for $60 from $200 for my girlfriend for christmas on and I received it before the delivery date I expected which was def a plus. They had a large variety of colors to choose from with this 7" tablet so I chose purple....which she loved. Perfectly happy with the purchase...HOWEVER I also bought this..... RIPOFF!!!!

It's described as a kids learning tablet and I got a used something with cardboard pictures taped to a black piece of plastic with random numbers and symbols....ITS AWFUL. I'm so pissed I won't even be giving it to my nephew anymore. You have to be careful with discount stores like this, especially online because many have return policies that are quite frankly illegal....I'm going to be sending this bad boy back where it came from and keep the damn $16....they advertise this bullshit as being worth $79 and on sale for $16....I wouldn;t spend $5 on this piece of junk. 

Hopefully I save a few people a few bucks with the warning!!!


  1. I had the EXACT SAME problem with them, I can't believe they are even allowed to sell such obviously fake foreign goods to U.S. customers!!!!


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