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When I originally signed up for my free account to stop spam or something, I think, I really didn't have any idea what it was even for, or why I needed it since I had about 3 followers, I thought who in the hell would even want to bother with some random useless account that is so inactive?

Alright when I was proof-reading my article before posting it was pretty obvious that nearly all of the below paragraph isn't about but more of a condemnation on some of the people thought to be in the upper echelon of our society when in reality their own behavior dictates they be shunned, ostracized, and maybe even imprisoned for attempted indoctrination of our youth. In conclusion, when looking for the actual "TRUETWIT REVIEW" SIMPLY DISREGARD THE BELOW PARAGRAPH IN IT'S ENTIRETY.

Guess what? I don't know what type of requests, or adds, or whatever "celebrities"(yeah, i'm using quotations because I only say that word to describe them because for some reason the mainstream media seems to have been tricked into believing that doing stupid things, acting irresponsible, procreating, and living are qualifications for this new form of D list "stars"....Oh, wait, sorry I forgot the most important one....MONEY. ENOUGH MONEY THAT COULD FEED the homeless shelters across the United States for the next decade. But, not just having that money, having it because of personally accomplishing NOTHING but inheriting everything, Including an attitude big enough to rival Kim Kevorkian's ass. AND. Spend that money that was un-earned personally on only the essentials....things like bottle service, maids, butlers, drivers, security, hair dressers, a chef, personal trainer, accountant, lawyer(on retainer because your so ignorant that your going to break a lot laws during your unaccomplished, insignificant lifetime) and every other unnecessary, useless, exaggeration that can draw attention to their media hungry asses. 

OK, back to actual facts and commenting after using that thing that's in our head, i'll make this more clear just in-case we have one of those sister's, you know the ones without it, taking time out of their "BUSY" lives to read something, sorry, have someone else read them something from just one of the peasants....THE PEASANTS THAT DO HAVE A BRAIN.

Damnit. See, I did it AGAIN. Those whores are sucking, fucking, bitching, leeching, moaning, groaning, their way to the top of the next evil foreign regime's hit squad...and for that, I now reluctantly admit, we must lift the trade embargo with Cuba and Fidel Castro while simultaneously dropping that entire family of silicone, hair spray, and facials(both kinds) onto Alcatraz and move on from that shameful part of US history.

I'm serious this time, now they are literally banished. TrueTwit provides a service that HELPS but certainly does not eradicate the problem of bots, spammers, and other kinds of internet backwash.

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