Thursday, January 9, 2014

UPS-Warehouse Help-Seasonal Position

The hiring process is simple, you fill out the forms online, you don't need a resume which was a big plus for me since I can't find mine and it's a pain in the ass to remember places you worked, pay, dates you left, etc.
After you enter the zip code where you live you can search for jobs based on proximity to that location, when I chose within 20 miles there were 4 options and I filled out application for all 4. I was set up with an appointment to interview at the end of the application to one specific job... "warehouse help" Although the job wasn't full time and it wasn't even guaranteed past Christmas I was excited to get back to working outside the house.

The interview was for the next morning and the hiring is done by Joe in human resources, after completing the necessary forms and doing a quick query check on my criminal history to make sure you don't have any felonies, I was offered the job....I started that night 6 hours later.

Couple of negatives about the job would be the fact that it was only seasonal so I only worked for 3-4 weeks and UPS is unionized so your obligated to pay $25 per week in union dues until you hit $400 for the year.....So, when I worked 20 hours at $8.50 I got barley over $100 in the end... couldn't even pay my cell phone bill with that.

On the positive side I would have to say it was really a good job and hopefully I get called back the next opportunity available. The workers all were good about helping and explaining the operation and what the job entails, that's really a HUGE help when I first started because I already have an generalized anxiety disorder. It's hard to even leave the house sometimes so I was relieved the co-workers were as helpful as they were.

On our last night the managers got everyone pizza and soda which was nice as well. Overall I do hope to get rehired and i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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