Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cliffside Apartments-Sunderland, MA


Cliffisde is an apartment complex that is relatively close to the Umass college campus as well as the other local surrounding colleges so it's popular with the college students living off campus that don't want to live in the frats/sororities and want more quiet then some of the closer complex's offer such as Pufton Village, Hobart Lane, the Townhouses ect. Cliffside offers free heat, hot water and electricity which is a great advantage during those colds New England Winters, and hot Summers. The only cable provider is Comcast or Direct TV and most people choose Comcast because you can bundle and get your cable, internet and phone together if you choose. There is a bus stop that runs to northampton, the local colleges as well as uptown amherst, hadley mall, holyoke mall and springfield. You have 7-11 store within 200 yards as well as Frontier Pizza and a laundromat. The 1 bedroom apartments come in 2 styles, kitchen with dishwasher or without and the bedrooms in equal size or 1 big and 1 about half the size. Overall it's not a bad place to live, management is somewhat obnoxious but with big companies as this complex is owned by, it's typical.

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