Sunday, October 16, 2011


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+Joshua Hastings

I can not believe this shit is happening already! Well, actually I can, people will try and exploit everyone and everything they can in the world for their own personal gain and that will never change....there is always going to be things like greed, lying, deceit, and hidden agendas.


My opinion: Please, Please, Please don't fall for this crap people. It's a pitiful attempt to come between you and your hard earned dollars, a clever one at that, but still, if your stupid enough to really go and buy +1's for your posts your an idiot.

Here is a breakdown of what I mean.....

A SHARE(with comments directed back to original post and comments turned off for the shared post): This is the absolute best and most helpful way that you can expand views, get your name/brand/product/message/photo/ out into the PLUS+ world. Everytime someone "shares" one of your posts it then has that many more eyes with the chance to view it because it not only goes through all of that persons circles again but if someone that is in your circle missed it they have the chance to see it again by this person. That gives them another chance to comment, +1 it, or even re-share it themselves. And since the comments were directed back to your post, all of these new people that may not be in your circles or have you in their circles may be interested in adding you!

A SHARE- Same as above but without the comments turned off, you don't really see all of the exposure that you are potentially getting unless you look for it. Still, it's by far much better then the other possibilities.

A COMMENT- Every single comment helps. All of those people are potential circlers. Write a post that is interesting, or at least thought provoking.....if it's something that no one is interested in it dosen't matter how hard you try, no one is going to share, comment or +1 it. WELL, EXCEPT FOR MAYBE SOME SLEEZY COMPANY THAT YOUR PAYING TO!

A PLUS+1- At this point, yeah its better then nothing but not by much to be's a virtual high five that you have a good idea/point/, like your supervisor saying good job. If no one is around to hear him though, it is kind of meaningless to anyone except you. That's the same here, unless someone is looking for the topic that your post relates to it does not matter how many +1's you get. yes you will be at the top of the search when someone looks for that category or topic, but if it's not something that ANYONE IS GOING TO BE LOOKING FOR WHAT DOES IT MATTER? Whether your the 5th person listed that has the coolest used socks for sale or the 1st I don't think your going to be getting many +'s that your not paying for unless those socks were worn by Michael Jordan or someone else famous. HAHA.

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