Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vehicle Inspection Center-Greenfield, MA

Vehicle Inspection Center 
188 Federal Street, Greenfield, MA 01301-2780(413) 773-3770 
This inspection center is by far the best facility I have been to or seen in the area. While most of the local places to get an inspection are repair shops mainly and offer inspections on the side and therefor have very limited seating if any, no restrooms, ect this facility offers that and much more. They have 2 bays up and running at most times and as long as your not going at the very beginning of the month or the very end of the month there is little wait if any. They also offer the option of dropping your car off and then putting your registration, keys, and payment through a slot in the door so you don't have to wait which is a nice option to have. The "Vehicle Inspection Center" has a furnished waiting room with windows looking into the inspection area so your able to watch the inspection if you wish. There is a soda machine that offers a variety of drink options along with a water dispenser from poland springs to get cold water. There are 2 big couches, several chairs, and a few tables with a variety of magazines that are mostly car related. The only suggestion I would have is a little more variety in regards to the reading material like some sports illustrated, cosmopolitan, maybe a few different papers instead of just the local recorder. Overall, its a great facility and it's the best place for your car inspection needs in the area around greenfield, MA.


  1. When we buy used cars, it is important to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for. It is good to have somebody check the car if it is really worth the price attached to it.


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