Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Greenfield Savings Bank-South Deerfield, MA branch
Greenfield Savings Bank 
61 North Main St, South Deerfield, MA 01373(413) 665-4011

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Transit: South Deerfield Center (451 ft S 

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Greenfield Savings Bank has recently redone the building they reside in for the South Deerfield, MA branch and it came out beautiful. During construction it was somewhat annoying to continue to play the guessing game when it came time to figure out which door you had to go in that day because they worked on the building without closing the actual branch but that's a small price to pay considering they could have just closed the bank and forced all the customers to do their banking elsewhere or use another GSB branch in the meantime. The staff are all very helpful and pleasant, and the lines inside move quickly so there is not usually much of a wait if any. They offer free checking AND savings accounts with online billpay, debit card, and a free gift for opening an account included. The gift changes throughout the year, for example at one time it was an umbrella, another was a bbq knife, prong, and spatchulla grill set, and even a puree machine from black and decker was offered once. Most of the items are relatively high quality and more then you would expect from a giveaway. Something I thought was nice also was the bank provides a local branch phone number so you can deal with any problems immediately unlike a lot of the bigger banks that only offer 800 numbers and it takes 20 minutes just to figure out what you need and there is not a chance to get to an actual branch. Overall I would absolutely recommend GSB as an option for your banking needs if your in the Western Mass Franklin County area. They offer 6 different branches I believe and the main headquarter is in Greenfield, MA.

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